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January 7, 2018

Report on the Total Number of Geronimo Division Casualties, July 1947

The Geronimo Division was a guerrilla outfit operating out of the then-town of Lipa. Its request for official recognition was subsequently denied by the United States Army. In this document1, Vicente Virrey of the Geronimo Division explained to the Commanding General of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command of the United States Army why the guerrilla group’s casualty roster was not submitted earlier.

[p. 1]

4th Bn., 143rd Inf. (UNIT MMD, ECLGA)
Gen. Geronimo Division

Lipa, July 18, 1947

: Report on total number of casualties of our unit.

: Commanding General, PHILRYCOM, Apo 707
Attached herewith are two copies of our report on the total number of casualties of our unit which are being submitted for your approval.

The names of officers and enlisted men which are appearing in the attached report and which represent the total number of casualties of our Battalion, did not appear in the roster submitted by Lt. Col. Ceferino Melo (now deceased), then commanding officer of this unit. Such roster was submitted by him on 10 March 1946 to the Commanding General, AFWESPAC, Apo 707.

Reasons for not including this report to the roster submitted on 10 March ’46 by Lt. Col. Ceferino Melo.
1. This report was intentionally omitted to avoid confusion and overlapping of officers and enlisted men.
2. To follow exactly the new table of organization, to which our submitted roster needs to conform.
3. The fact that I just came to know from the contacting team, AFWESPAC, who came on 16 September 1946 here and contacted our unit, that casualties whether or not members of recognized or unrecognized guerrilla units can file claims for recognition, is the main reason why I did not submit our unit’s casualties at once, besides the idea was mine to wait for a time until after all the officers and enlisted men in our submitted roster are recognized.

Major, Infantry
Bn. Executive Officer

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Notes and references:
1 “4th Bn, General Geronimo’s Div, MMD, ECLGA,” File No. 308-91, downloaded from PVAO.

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