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Certification by Major Galang on the Major Philips Unit’s Activities, August 1945

The Major Phillips Unit was a guerrilla unit that was founded and operated in or around western Batangas town of Calatagan. It was commanded by one Emilio Macabuag and took its name from a United States Army intelligence officer from whom the guerrilla outfit took directions until the latter was caught and killed by the Japanese. In this August 1945 document1, one Major Ricardo Galang of the United States Army Training Group certified as to the guerrilla missions and activities under taken by the Major Phillips Unit commanded by Emilio Macabuag of Calatagan.

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U. S. Army Training Group
APO 500

31 August 1945


This is to certify that:

1. On 22 October 1943, together with eight others, I was sent on a secret mission to the Philippines by GHQ SWPA, arriving at Mindoro on 13 November 1943.

2. That on or about 8 December 1943, I met one Emilio Macabuag and some of his men to whom Major L. H. Phillips, leader of the party, assigned some intelligence work covering Batangas and Manila.

3. That on or about 28 December 1943, Emilio Macabuag reported to Major Phillips and gave him military information, which after [it was] evaluated and verified, was sent by radio to another station with which we had contacts.

4. That Emilio Macabuag planned and executed the evacuation of four Americans from Batangas to Mindoro about the middle of January 1944.

5. That to the best of my belief and knowledge, Emilio Macabuag was one of the most trustworthy, hard-working, and daring among our operatives. Emilio Macabuag rendered very valuable services to our party.

[Sgd.] RICARDO C. GALANG 0-515082
Major, Infantry

Notes and references:
1 “MAJOR PHILLIPPS UNIT,” File No. 83, downloaded from PVAO.

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