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Letter of Quintin Gellidon to CO 187th PG Infantry, November 1947

The Fil-American Irregular Troops was a large guerrilla outfit founded by ex-United States Army officer Colonel Hugh Straughn. It operated in a wide area in Luzon and had many units in the different towns around the province of Batangas. The Batangas Guerrilla Headquarters, operating in the town of Batangas, was one such unit. In this November 1947 document, one Quintin Gellidon wrote to the Commanding Officer of the 187th PG Infantry on matters concerning the FAIT Batangas Headquarters Unit.

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5th Ind

182 Cagayan St., Sta. Ana, Manila, Philippines, 22 Nov 47

TO: The Commanding Officer, 187th PG Inf, APO 468

1. Returned with the info that the Roster of Batangas Guerrilla Hq dated 4 July 45 attached to basic communication is, to the best of my memory, a true copy of the Supplementary Roster of Off & Em of that guerrilla unit which was ordered to proceed on 10 July 45 to Camp Murphy for processing upon instruction of Major Jack P Barton by order of the CG 11th Airborne Division as no longer needed for service with the US Army.

2. The Batangas Grla Hq, consisting originally of 98 Off & EM was the overall Hq for all guerrilla units attached to the 11th Airborne Division during the liberation campaign in SW Luzon and was recognized as of 31 Jan 45. Additional personnel required for service with the Grla Hq 11th Airborne Division as shown in the Roster abovementioned were not submitted for recognition in view of a communication received from higher hqs that the mere certificate of the American Army Officer in charge of the guerrilla unit that services were rendered by additional personnel of a recognized guerrilla unit would be sufficient for purposes of payment of salaries of the guerrillas concerned and that the addition of their names to the original recognized roster was in order and had the effect of automatic recognition. For this reason, the guerrilla Off & EM shown in the Supplementary Roster were paid their salaries while attached to the 11th Airborne Division until they were ordered to Camp Murphy for processing with the Philippine Army in the ranks they served with the Armed Forces of the US.

3. A careful search of the directives which emanated from the USAFFE and XIV Corps during the liberation of Luzon will reveal that such a letter or circular was sent to the CG 11th Airborne Division sometime in May or June 45 and this is the reason why the additional personnel of Batangas Grla Hq now seeking official recognition were not so recognized during their period of attachment with the US Army.

4. The undersigned Officer was Overall Coordinator for all guerrilla units attached to the 11th Airborne Division and had personal knowledge of subject and therefore feels in a position to give clarification in justice to all concerned.

5. Recommend that recognition be given to Off & EM shown in the Supplementary Roster attached to basic communication in the ranks and grades indicated.


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BASIC: Ltr fr Jose S Diosana, Sub: “Request for Information,” dtd 30 Sep 47

Tanza, Cavite, 30 November 1947

TO : Col Quintin Gellidon, Manila City, Philippines

1. Forwarded for comment.

2. Commendation made kindly refer to Commanding General PHILRYCOM.


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1 “BATANGAS GRLAS HEADQUARTERS, I CORPS, PQOG,” File No. 110-66, downloaded from PVAO.

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