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Memo Asking for Extension to File Individual Recognition, July 1947

The Major Phillips Unit was a guerrilla unit that was founded and operated in or around western Batangas town of Calatagan. It was commanded by one Emilio Macabuag and took its name from a United States Army intelligence officer from whom the guerrilla outfit took directions until the latter was caught and killed by the Japanese. In this July 1947 document1, Major Phillips Unit Commanding Officer Emilio Macabuag wrote to the Commanding General of the Philippins-Ryukyus Command, through channels, asking for an extension of time for the filing of individual applications for official recognition.

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Calatagan, Batangas
July 29, 1947


: Extension of Time to File Individual Recognition, Request for


1. That I am the CO of the Major Phillips Unit.

2. That about a week ago, I sent a letter to PHILRYCOM requesting for the reconsideration of its order denying the request for recognition of my unit and that up to the present, the said request for reconsideration has not been acted upon;

3. That the last day for filing request for individual recognition is July 31, 1947, so that only two (2) more days are left within which to file said request;

4. That considering that only two days are left to file said request for individual recognition and the further fact that my request for recconsideration has not been acted upon, I am requesting that in the event that my request for reconsideration is not favorably acted upon, which I do not expect, however, I am requesting that the members of the said unit be given at least sixty (60) after receipt of the denial of the request for reconsideration to file requests for individual recognition.

Your kind reconsideration is requested.


Notes and references:
1 “MAJOR PHILLIPPS UNIT,” File No. 83, downloaded from PVAO.

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