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January 1, 2018

Letter from Cuenca Mayor to Batangas Governor on Town's Security, June 1945

The Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) was a large guerrilla organization formed by the retired American officer Hugh Straughn. It had many units operating around Luzon, including Batangas. Among this was the Maculot Battalion which operated in the town of Cuenca, Batangas. The unit was among those that were officially recognized as elements of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States in the Western Pacific during World War II. In this document1, one Eugenio la Rosa, Mayor of Cuenca in 1945, wrote to the Provincial Governor to request for the presence of American soldiers after the disbanding of the Maculot Regiment.

[p. 1]

Commonwealth of the Philippines

June 28, 1945

The Honorable
The Provincial Governor
Batangas, Batangas

S i r :

I have the honor to forward herewith copies of the resolution of the Municipal Officials of this municipality requesting your good offices to confer immediately with the Commander-in-Chief of the American Liberating Forces for the Province of Batangas with a view to arranging for the immediate stationing of American soldiers in this town to prevent its reoccupation by the Japanese, with all its attendant horrors and atrocities.

The presence of quite a good number of Japanese snipers in the Macolot Mountain and its vicinity is beyond doubt. From time to time, the guerrilla unit under the command of Col. Pedro Pasia has been bagging them, reporting to the Division CP at Mataasnakahoy of the same.

I wish to inform you that with the disbanding of Col. Pasia’s soldiers, the people of Cuenca are very much alarmed that they have manifested their intention of abandoning their homes, thereby bringing into naught the civil government which we had established. I wish to be frank, too, in stating that I, for one, would not stay in this place if no soldiers will be stationed in this town.

I trust you will give your utmost consideration and prompt attention to this matter.

Very respectfully,

M a y o r


Lt. Colonel

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Notes and references:
1 MACULOT BATTALION FAIT, File No. 110-67, downloaded from PVAO.

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