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Letter of Maj. Medrano, Ibaan Regiment, to Capt. Fellows, US Army, February 1945

The Ibaan Regiment was one of many units of the Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT), a large guerrilla group founded by the former US Army officer Hugh Straughn, that was operating in Batangas during the Japanese Occupation. It was commanded by one Sixto Guerra. In this April 1945 document document1 Ibaan Regiment Executive Officer Major Medrano wrote to one Captain David Fellows of the United States Army requesting that arms captured from the Japanese be turned over to his unit.
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(Attached: 188th Para-Glider Infantry)

1 April 45

Captain David Fellows
188th Para-Glider Infantry
APO 462

Dear Sir:

In order that this unit may be of better service to the USA and which we are presently working, (the 11th ABD in particular) on the same hand and our country on the other, may I solicit your help in requesting that the rifles and other arms that may be captured from the Japs in barrio Lapo-lapo be given to us. In this connection, please make it known to the Regimental Commander that our patrol, consisting of 25 men, was the outfit to encounter the Japs in said barrio; and that the good weapons used by them consisting of 2 sub-machine guns and 2 carbines were borrowed only from the CIC, without which [we] would be facing the enemies with old, almost unserviceable rifles that have no extractors. With additional arms, I assure you Sir, that the courage and determination of our boys to which your Lt. Wise can testify, will always burn high and bright.

In this connection, please be informed also that some two weeks ago, we had a similar encounter with several Japs in barrio Malainin and Lt. Col. Mann has kindly consented to a similar request and we got 2 Jap rifles. We, however, turned in a Japanese pistol and a flag.

Hoping for your kindness in this matter and assuring you of the loyalty of all of us to the common cause, I beg to remain.

Yours very respectfully,

Major (Grla) Inf.
Adjutant & Ex. Officer


Captain (GRLA) Infantry
Regt’l S-1

Notes and references:

1 “Ibaan Rgt Fil-Amer Batangas Guerrillas FAIT,” File No. 110-6, downloaded from PVAO.

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