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Petition on Behalf of Unrecognized Members of the Ibaan Regiment, September 1945

The Ibaan Regiment was one of many units of the Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT), a large guerrilla group founded by the former US Army officer Hugh Straughn, that was operating in Batangas during the Japanese Occupation. It was commanded by one Sixto Guerra. In this document1, members of the Ibaan Regiment sent a petition for action to the United States Army on a roster submitted by Guerra for recognition earlier but had not been acted upon.

Guerrilla Files

(ATTACHED: 188th Para-Glider Infantry)

8 Sept. ‘45

The Commanding Officer
AFPAC Headquarters
M a n i l a

S i r :

We take the liberty in petitioning that Headquarters regarding the roster of this unit which was long sent or submitted for recognition by that Headquarters, thru Capt. Sixto M. Guerra and 1st Lt. Iluminado R. Medrano, who are presently in [the] 3rd Replacement Battalion (Casual) Camp Murphy, Rizal.

In justice to all concerned, we would like to bring to your kind knowledge and attention the unfair and unjust dealings the remaining officers and men of this unit have received from the proper authorities charged with the mission of recognizing guerrilla units who have given or rendered honest and faithful service to the loyal inhabitants not only of this municipality but those of other adjacent municipalities. This guerrilla unit has long before and ever since its organization remained loyal to the cause of the U.S.A. and that of the Commonwealth Government and has accomplished fruitful and sacrificial missions to the U.S. Armed Forces prior to its liberation of the Philippines and until after its wonderful landing on Philippine soil, needless to mention, the achievements made by this organization as contained in our History of this unit which was also submitted to that Headquarters, however, we are furnishing you a part or portion of the many commendations this organization has received from responsible and trustworthy public officials and officers as well.

It may not be amiss to state that these officers and men now left behind have also suffered and endured the same fate and difficulties and have demonstrated genuine loyalty with those of other guerrilla units now enjoying the bountiful blessings showered by the great and benevolent army, the U. S. ARMY.

In closing, we now most respectfully pray and submit that the recognition of these left behind officers and men of this unit will be not only a fitting and towering monument to that great American, Col. Hugh Straughn - 02515, who first started this noble and patriotic work, but also tends to prove that real democracy in the army exists as well.

Earnestly anticipating your kind and favorable action on this matter, we beg to remain

Capt. Guer. Infantry
1st Lt. Guer. Inf.


Cpl. Guer. Infantry
Cpl. Guer. Infantry


Notes and references:
1 “Ibaan Rgt Fil-Amer Batangas Guerrillas FAIT,” File No. 110-6, downloaded from PVAO.
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