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Resolution Uniting Batangas Guerrilla Units Under One Command

The Luansing Unit Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas were commanded by one Galicano Luansing and known loosely as the “Luansing’s Unit.” This guerrilla outfit was at one time or the other during the Japanese occupation affiliated with the Fil-American Irregular Troops and also the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas. By the time the Allied forces return to the Philippines, it was operating independently. This unit assisted the United States Army in campaigns against the Japanese forces from Balayan, Batangas Town, Lipa, Rosario and San Juan. In this document1, a resolution is arrived at by several guerrilla units operating in Batangas to unify command under Galicano Luansing and rename themselves as the President Osmeña’s Guerrillas.

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DEC. 29, 1944

1. Lt. Col. Amando Laurel
2. Lt. Col. Felomino Gagalak [Filomeno Gagalac]
3. Lt. Col. Isaac Farol
4. Lt. Col. Pedro Pacia [Pasia]
5. Major Pablo Salazar

In this conference, the following resolutions were adopted:

1. Resolve that all Batangas Guerrilla Units be united together under the name of Pres. Osmeña’s Guerrillas, said name to be retained even if it is connected with any outstanding organization existing at present.

2. Resolve that Lt. Col. Luansing, G., Jr. be the Commanding Officer of the organization with the rank of full colonel. (Said selection was unanimous.)

3. Resolve also that the President Osmeñas Guerrillas adopt the U.S. Rules and Regulations for more effective enforcement of discipline; the conference also agreed to have a Court of Judge Advocate consisting of three (3) members to be appointed by the Commanding Officer with the power to try any guerrilla member or any civilian committing crimes or offenses punishable by the U.S. Rules and Regulations. It must be understood that there must be a Judge Advocate in every Sector.

4. It was agreed that in the event a certain sector or place in Batangas is attacked or invaded by [an] outside organization, all the forces should unite together for the defense of the sector or place thus attacked.

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5. The following allocation of sectors has also been approved by the conference with [the] exception of the eastern towns, Balayan, Tuwi [Tuy], Nasugbu and Calatagan, which places are left [to] the discretion of the commanding officers:

1. Lt. Col. Felomino Gagalak [Filomeno Gagalac]:

(a) Bayuyuñgan
(b) Lemery
(c) Kalaka [Calaca]

2. Lt. Col. Amando Laurel:

(a) Talisay minus Bayuyuñgan
(b) Tanauan
(c) Taal
(d) San Luis

3. Lt. Col. Pedro Pacia [Pasia]

(a) San Jose, [unreadable] minus Pinagtong-Ulan, San Jose
(b) Quenka [Cuenca]
(c) Mataas na Kahoy
(d) Alitagtag
(e) Balite [Balete] of Lipa

6. Resolve also to authorize the commanding officer to contact Capt. Cabarrubia to induce him to join [the] Pres. Osmeña’s Guerrillas.

7. It was agreed further to authorize the commanding officer to prepare a memorandum to be presented to the Comd’g Officer of the U.S. Forces in the event of [a] landing in Batangas which will introduce the organization and its activities.

8. Further resolve to authorize the Comd’g Officer

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to create a committee on propaganda, the activities of which shall be to interest liberty loving Filipinos to join or support the organization

9. Resolve finally that any person residing in a certain sector but wanted in another sector because of a crime committed in that sector be remitted to the Comd’g Officer of the sector where he is wanted.


Copy Furnished for:

1. Lt. Col. Amando Laurel [Signature]
2. Lt. Col. Felomino Gagalak [Filomino Gagalac, Signature]
3. Lt. Col. Isaac Farol [Signature]
4. Lt. Col. Pedro Pacia [Pasia, Signature]
5. Major Pedro Salazar

Notes and references:

1 “Luansing Unit, Fil-American Batangas Guerrillas,” File No. 63, downloaded from PVAO.

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