Organizational Report of the Canluran Infantry Regiment, April 1945

The Canluran Infantry Regiment was a guerrilla outfit that operated out of the Municipality of Taal and was commanded by one Lt. Col. Marcelino D. de la Rosa. The outfit was affiliated with the larger Blue Eagle Command that also operated in Batangas and was attached to United States Army units during the liberation of the province in 1945. In this documents1 is contained an organizational report of the Canluran Infantry Regiment submitted by one Major Marcelino de la Rosa to the Commanding General of the XIV Corps of the United States Army, through the 11th Airborne Division.
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15 April 1945



: Organizational Report

: Commanding General XIV Corps, APO 453
   (Through the 11th Airborne Division)

1. Pursuant to the letter of the Headquarters, 6th Army, dated 25 February 1945 on the subject “Recognition of Guerrilla Units,” addressed to your Headquarters, the following information is submitted:

2. a. Specific and precise designation of the unit: CANLURAN INFANTRY REGIMENT, Malakas Division, Taal, Batangas.
1) D Company, 1st Bn., Calumpang, San Luis.
2) E Company, 2nd Bn., Batangas, Batangas
3) Hq. Co., 3rd Bn., Taal, Batangas.
4) 4th Battalion, Lemery, Batangas

b. Strength of unit:
Canluran Infantry Regiment – 429 officers and men comprising the following component parts:

Regt. Hq — 9 Officers and men
1st Bn. — 70 Officers and men
2nd Bn. — 68 Officers and men
3rd Bn. — 73 Officers and men
4th Bn. — 209 Officers and men

c. Date unit began operating w/ 158th R.C. and/or 11th Airborne – 6 March 1945.
Brief summary of activities – Please see attached.

a. Designation of the unit: Same as 2.a. above.

b. Names and guerrilla ranks of commanders:
AMANDO D. YLAGAN, Col. Inf. – Regimental Commander
MENARDO MALABANAN, Major, Inf. – C.O., 1st Bn.
VALENTIN MAYUGA, Major, Inf. – C.O., 2nd Bn.
BIENVENIDO ASINAS, Major, Inf. – C.O., 3rd Bn.
IRINEO CABRERA, Major, Inf. – C.O., 4th Bn.
MANUEL CARIÑO, Capt. Inf. – C.O., “E” Co.
FELIX ASERON, Capt. Inf. – C.O., “D” Co.
MARTIN MALALUAN, Capt. Inf. – C.O., Hq. Co., 3rd Bn.

c. Roster of unit, etc. – Please see attached.

By order of Col. AMANDO D. YLAGAN:

Major, Inf. (Guer)


General Guerrilla Headquarters

Notes and references:
1 “Canluran Regt, Malakas Div, Blue Eagle Brigade,” File No. 213-13, downloaded from PVAO.
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