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Documents on the Ranks of Laurel’s Regiment Officers

The Laurel Regiment, 45th Division, I Corps of the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas (PQOG), started as an independently organized unit in Talisay, Alitagtag and Taal under the command of one Amando Laurel of the Municipality of Talisay. Later in the war, this guerrilla unit would become affiliated with the PQOG, a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation up to the liberation of Batangas. In this page are two documents1, one in which Major George Miller wrote to then-Senate President Manuel Roxas explaining the ranks given upon recognition of Laurel as well as his regimental officers Pedro Gahol and one 2nd Lt. Temistocles Ampere; and the other the letter from Roxas himself asking for clarification.

Guerrilla Files

[p. 1]


APO 500
12 Sept 1945

Honorable Manuel Roxas
President, Philippine Senate
Commonwealth of the Philippines
Manila, P. I.

Dear Senator Roxas:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 8 September 1945.

An investigation has been conducted reference the claims of Captain Laurel, 2nd Lieutenant Gahol and 2nd Lieutenant Ampere regarding elevation of their ranks. Information available to this office clearly indicates that the officers concerned have been given ranks commensurate with the positions they held while on active duty with the United States forces. It is the policy of this office that ranks accorded will correspond insofar as possible with those of United States Army officers occupying similar positions with like responsibilities. Such has been done in the cases of the subject officers, and increases in rank are not considered advisable.

As you are aware, guerrilla ranks held during the Japanese occupation were often considerably higher than the responsibility entailed by the positions would indicate. It became necessary to adjust ranks to reasonable proportions, and to secure uniformity in this plan, United States Army Tables of Organization have been used as a standard.

It is hoped this letter fully explains to your satisfaction the basis for the decision rendered by this office.

Very truly yours,
Major, Infantry

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8 September 1945

My dear Major Miller:

Without wishing to impose on your judgement and authority, I would like to commend to your attention the cases of Captain Armando Laurel, 2nd Lieutenant Pedro E. Gahol and 2nd Lieutenant Temistocles Ampere for reprocessing in their guerrilla ranksf Lt-Colonel, Captain, and 1st Lieutenant, respectively. These ranks, I have been informed, have been approved and are duly registered in the approval roster of their unit. These officers are interested into being reverted into inactive status and would appreciate any action on your part to enable them to carry their original ranks over for sentimental reasons upon their return to civilian status. Papers supporting their claims are appended herewith for your information.

I shall be greatly obliged.

Sincerely yours,

Major Miller
Guerrilla Affairs PA Section

Encl.: As above stated

Notes and references:
1 “Laurel’s Regiment, 45th Division, I Corps, PQOG,” File No. 271-19, online at the United States National Archives.
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