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Laurel's Letter to AFWESPAC Requesting Official Recognition, January 1946

The Laurel Regiment, 45th Division, I Corps of the President Quezon’s Own Guerrillas (PQOG), started as an independently organized unit in Talisay, Alitagtag and Taal under the command of one Amando Laurel of the Municipality of Talisay. Later in the war, this guerrilla unit would become affiliated with the PQOG, a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation up to the liberation of Batangas. In this document1, Laurel wrote to the Commanding General, through official channels, of the Armed Forces of the United States Western Pacific, for official recognition as an element of the Philippine Army.
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46th Regt. 45th Div.

4 January ’46

: Recognition, Request for
: Commander in Chief, AFWESPAC (Grla. Affairs) APO 707

1. Request that 46th Regiment, 45th Division, Laurel’s Regiment, PQOG, be recognized, and corresponding directive issued so that the same may be processed into the Philippine Army.

2. Attachere hereto as integral parts are: Ths History of this Regiment, its casualty report and the Regimental Roster.

3. Earnest appeal to the Commander in Chief, AFWESPAC (Grla. Sec.) is hereby made for due consideration and extension of just fairness to the constant and vigorous activities of this Regiment as set forth in its history and activities hereto attached.

4. Undersigned Reg’tal Commander is disposed anytime to confer personally with proper authorities re ampliatory information in connection with this regiment.

5. For consideration.

Lt Col Infantry

History & Activities
Casualty List
Regimental Roster

[Handwritten notation at the bottom of document.]

1st IND.

II Corps unit org in Nov 44 — screened out entirely — cpm.

Notes and references:
1 “Laurel’s Regiment, 45th Division, I Corps, PQOG,” File No. 271-19, online at the United States National Archives.

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