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Commendation for Lt. Pacifico Cuevas of the San Jose Guerrillas

The San Jose Guerrilla Unit was an underground organization that opposed the Japanese in the Province of Batangas in World War II. It was commanded by one Pedro Kalalo and was officially recognized with 60 men as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the United States Armed Forces during the liberation of the country. In this document1, Captain John Ringler of the 511th Parachute Infatry issued a memo commending Lt. Pacifico Cuevas of the San Jose Guerrilla Unit.
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APO 468

1 Aug 1945



: Recommendation

: Whom it may concern

1. 1st Lt. Pacifico B. Cuevas, a leader in the SAN JOSE GUERRILLA UNIT, was assigned to my command since the month of March to control the Platoon which was attached to my Unit for over a month. After my mission was completed in the Barrio of San Jose, Batangas, 1st Lt. Pacifico B. Cuevas left his Guerrilla Unit in order to fight with my American Company until present date. The last mission our Company received was the Combat Jump at Aparri in Northern Luzon, in which the above soldier took part.

2. 1st Lt. Pacifico B. Cuevas was an excellent soldier at all times. He commanded his Platoon in a very outstanding manner. The high respect his men held for him showed his capabilities as an Officer. He was well trained in patrolling and by such, helped my company in many instances. He later showed his nerve by making a Combat Jump with my Unit in Northern Luzon, without any previous training at all. This was the first time 1st Lt. Pacifico B. Cuevas ever made a ride in a plane, however, with a little instruction, he did an excellent job. This proves beyond a doubt his ability to succeed, and the five months he served with me, gave me great confidence in him.

Captain, Infantry


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1 “San Jose Guerrilla Unit,” File No. 300, online at the United States National Archives.

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