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Letter to Serapio Tolentino about Recognition of MFAT Composite Roster, December 1947

The Tanauan Unit was a guerrilla organization affiliated with the MFA or Marking’s Fil-Americans. The latter was a larger organization operating in Luzon commanded by one Marcos Agustin, hence the nickname “Marking.” This organization absorbed elements of Hugh Straughn’s Fil-American Irregular Troops (FAIT) after the American commander was captured and executed by the Japanese Army. Hence, the name “Marking’s Fil-Americans.” In this document1, one Captain R. E. Cantrell of the Adjutant General’s Office of the Philippines-Ryukyus Command wrote to Tolentino to inform the latter that recognition of members of the Marking’s Fil-Americans would be based on a composite roster of the organization’s headquarters, instead on a per-unit basis.

Guerrilla Files

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GSCPG 091 / 2462 APO 707
15 DEC 1947

Mr. Serapio Tolentino
Tanauan, Batangas

Dear Mr. Tolentino:

The Commanding General directs that you be informed that final consideration has been given to the claim for guerrilla recognition of your organization, Tanauan Unit, and element of the overall command of Marking’s Fil-American Troops (MFAT).

Subsequent to a protracted study of the records of this overall command, it was determined that any favorably consideration, either in full or in part, of claims for recognition of units under the direct control of the MFAT would be accorded in the form of a composite roster.

On 2 December 1947, Mr. Marking V. Agustin, the overall commander of MFAT, submitted a composite roster to this headquarters for approval. With the exception of fifty-five (55) necessary deletions by this headquarters plus the correction by the I Corps Commander of one hundred one (101) officer grades improperly listed on the II Corps and GHQ quota, the roster as submitted by Mr. Agustin has been approved in its entirety. Your unit, as a subordinate element of MFAT under its direct control, was given just and adequate consideration during the preparation of this composite roster. The degreee of favorable consideration taken by this headquarters on the request for recognition of your unit may be determined by the number of names of personnel from your unit appearing on this composite roster. Unfavorable consideration of your unit request for recognition will be evidenced by the exclusion of your personnel from this composite roster.

The approval by this headquarters of this composite roster, representing all units under the direct control of MFAT, constitutes the final and conclusive action upon the claim for recognition of all units considered in the recognition study of this composite roster. All queries relative to the above action and/or incident to guerrilla recognition matters concerning your unit should be addressed to your overall commanding officer, Mr. Marking V. Agustin.


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Lt Col Wallace M Hanes:

1. It is recommended that the attached letter be dispatched to Mr. Serapio Tolentino, Commanding Officer, Tanauan Unit, informing him of the recognition status of his unit as determined by the action taken on the composite roster of Marking’s Fil-American Troops. Recognition by this headquarters of this roster constitutes the final determination of and action upon sixty-six (66) subordinate units of Marking’s Fil-American Guerrillas of which this unit is a part.

2. A casualty roster has been submitted, and is being investigated at the present time.

1st Lt., Inf

Concur: Capt E R Curtis, Chief Unit Branch Concur: Maj R V Sloan, Chief, Individual Branch
Notes and references:
1 “Tanauan Unit, MFA,” File No. 109-63, online at the United States National Archives.
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