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A Brief History of the Special Detachment Radio Station CUP, Anderson's Guerrillas


The Anderson’s Guerrillas was a guerrilla movement organized by Major Bernard Anderson, an American officer who was in direct contact with the Southwest Pacific Area Command under General Douglas MacArthur and, thus, able to send direct intelligence reports by radio communications. This guerrilla organization was not specifically organized in Batangas, it had units formed and operating in the province, including one it sent to operate a radio station in the barrio of Pagolingin in Lipa and in the town of Mataasnakahoy, manned by Batangueños, which gathered and sent intelligence to the Allies. In this document1, a brief history of the special detachment is provided in support of the Anderson’s Guerrillas attempt to have the unit recognized as a supplementary roster.

Guerrilla Files

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Sgt. SOLIS, Pascual
1/Sgt. AGUILERA, Arsenio
S/Sgt. AGUILERA, Alfredo
Corp. ADAJIO, Servillano

GARCIA, MAXIMIANO, enlisted as guerrilla under Chief Agent of Batangas, Atty. Hermenegildo L. Lopez in May 1943. He was designated intelligence operated and was instructed to secure a laborer’s job under the Japanese constructing the Lipa, Batangas, airfield. He was not able to secure [a] permanent job, but he worked as extra or substitute in cases [when] there were absences or someone got sick or for some other reasons failed to work. He worked on this assignment until the middle of the year 1944, submitting his verbal reports to Chief Agent H. L. Lopez.

He was, then, assigned orderly of Chief Agent H.L. Lopez in the Headquarters located in the barrio of Pagolingin, Lipa, Batangas, 28 November 1944 when the radio station C U P was established in Batangas and in the re-organization of the intelligence network, he was assigned intelligence operator in all the barrios west of Lipa, Batangas and the town of Mataas-na-kahoy, Batangas. He was instructed to discover and report on troop movements, their size and strength, gasoline and ammunition dumps, enemy supply depot and other military installations. These were his work until the liberation of Batangas by the United States Army Reconquering Force.

Sgt. SOLIS, Pascual.

Pascual Solis is a native and resident of Batangas, Batangas. He joined the guerrilla force under the deceased Lt. Espina early in the year 1943. After the death of Espina, he returned to the town of Batangas from their Headquarters in the mountain. In the re-organization of the SPECIAL DETACHMENT RADIO STATION C U P, Anderson’s Guerrillas in Batangas on November 30, 1944, he was taken as agent and intelligence operator of Roberto Buenafe who was the agent in charge of the intelligence operation of the town of Batangas, Batangas. Thru Mr. Buenafe, he made his report consisting of the enemy location and concentration in Batangas. He also reported on the enemy strength and military installations of gasoline and ammunition dumps, and enemy supply depots.

1/Sgt. AGUILERA, Arsenio. (Deceased)

Arsenio Aguilera enlisted enlisted as guerrilla under Candido B. Lopez in October 1943. He was [a] Fine Arts student and a good draftsman. While Candido B. Lopez was Mayor of Lipa, Batangas, he recommended Arsenio Aguilera to the office of the Japanese Kempei Tai which was then looking for a confidential employee who knew how to make maps. Arsenio Aguilera remained true and faithful to the cause of the guerrillas. December 10, 1944 attached to the SPECIAL DETACHMENT RADIO STATION C U P.

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He was responsible for the leakage of many Japanese military secrets. He foiled many Japanese raids by giving information ahead of the raid.

Candido B. Lopez was saved when he abandoned his office as Mayor of Lipa, Batangas and immediately fled to the mountains upon information by Aguilera that Lopez would be captured by the Japanese Kempei Tai because one of his policemen, Jose Guerra, a guerrilla, after severe torture, confessed that he was a guerrilla and that Mayor Candido B. Lopez was the head and organizer of the Anderson’s Guerrillas in Batangas.

In December 1944, Arsenio Aguilera very early in the morning appeared in the Headquarters, Pagolingin, Lipa, Batangas and informed the Chief Agent H. L. Lopez [the HQ] would be raided. Coincidentally, Lt. Napoleon Almira and Capt. Alfonso Panopio were also there. Several days after the information, sixty Japanese soldiers raided the Headquarters in Pagolingin, burned the house and barn of Atty. H.L. Lopez and took his fowls and a race horse and everything they found in the vicinity. In the said raid, a girl named Carmen de Guzman, residing about 800 meters away from the Headquarters, was killed.

Arsenio Aguilera submitted reports in maps of the Province of Batangas occupied by the Japanese. He also submitted reports of the Japanese concentration and movements, particularly the Japanese in Macolot Mountain and that of the barrio Sulok, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. He reported that General Yamashita [Noted: because Yamashita was in Northern Luzon at this time, this reference was likely to General Fujishige, commander of the force defending Batangas against the Allied invasion.] resided in Sulok about the middle of February 1945.

Unable to escape from the Japanese Kempei Tai, he was killed about 19th February 1945.

S/Sgt. AGUILERA, Alfredo. (Deceased)

AGUILERA, ALFREDO, was the brother of Arsenio Aguilera. He enlisted as guerrilla under Atty. H.L. Lopez about January 1944. He was designated intelligence operator in the town of Lipa, Batangas. He was instructed to work in the Japanese airfield at Lipa, Batangas but was made a boy and cook by the Japanese.

As boy and cook, he was able to discover and report many Japanese installations such as enemy supply depot, and the bodegas (warehouses) where the Japanese spare parts for Japanese airplanes and other machineries were kept.

Last week [of] December 1944, he was dismissed from service as boy and cook. Dec. 30, 1944, he was attached to Radio Station C U P. Knowing many Japanese installations, he started to sabotage works aside from his intelligence activities. He stole many Japanese bullets and sent them to the Headquarters in Pagolingin, Lipa, Batangas.

2nd February 1945, the southern half of the town proper of Lipa, Batangas was raided and he was captured.

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Passing under what the Japanese called “Magic Eye,” he was taken and killed Feb. 5, 1945.

CORP. ADAJIO, Servillano. (Deceased)

ADAJIO, SERVILLANO reported as guerrilla to Atty. H.L. Lopez in the Headquarters at Pagolingin, Lipa, Batangas about December 1943. He was assigned as courier, taking messages to the different sectors of the ANDERSON’S GUERRILLAS in Batangas. For his intelligence activities, he made reports of the Japanese activities and operations in places he went. When the SPECIAL DETACHMENT RADIO STATION C U P, ANDERSON’S GUERRILLAS was organized in Batangas, Servillano Adajio was assigned intelligence operative of the town of Cuenca, Batangas on December 10, 1944.

In one of his missions to contact and secure [an] intelligence report from Major Eliseo Silva, Mataas-na-kahoy, Batangas, he was overtaken by night in the barrio of Pañgao, Lipa, Batangas. He stayed in the Headquarters of Major Rey (Victor Dimaculañgan), which was raided that very night.

Servillano Adajio fought against the Japanese resulting [to] his death and two others. This was 18 December 1944.

In charge Radio Station
Notes and references:
1 “Special Detachment Radio Station CUP, Anderson’s Grlas,” File No. 101-13, online at the United States National Archives.
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