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Documents Related to Radio Station CUP's Administrative Non-Recognition

The Anderson’s Guerrillas was a guerrilla movement organized by Major Bernard Anderson, an American officer who was in direct contact with the Southwest Pacific Area Command under General Douglas MacArthur and, thus, able to send direct intelligence reports by radio communications. This guerrilla organization was not specifically organized in Batangas, it had units formed and operating in the province, including one it sent to operate a radio station in the barrio of Pagolingin in Lipa and in the town of Mataasnakahoy, manned by Batangueños, which gathered and sent intelligence to the Allies. In this page1 are contained documents related to the C.U.P. Radio Station’s original non-recognition for record purposes, although ultimately the unit would become recognized.
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Report on the Special Detachment Radio Station, CVP
Anderson’s Guerrillas

1. Capt R L Morton, 1st Lt Charles L Homewood and 2nd Lt W D MacMillan on the 13th and 14th of June 1947 made a study of all the records presented by Special Detachment Radio Station, CVP, under the command of Alfonso Panopio.


a. No field investigation was deemed necessary after an interview with Lt Col B L Anderson, Commanding Officer, Anderson’s Guerrillas.

b. This organization is being administratively not favorably considered for recognition for purpose of clearing records in regard to this unit. This unit is being investigated and considered in the composite roster of Anderson’s Guerrillas, under the command of Lt Col B L Anderson.

c. For further investigation of Anderson’s Guerrillas, see Team Leader’s Report on the composite unit of Anderson’s Guerrillas.


This unit does not appear to have any political affiliations or aspirations.


It is recommended that this unit be administratively not favorably considered for recognition, for record purposes. It is further recommended that this unit be considered in the composite unit of Anderson’s Guerrillas, and, for the present, the commanding officer of this unit not be notified as to the results of his request for unit recognition.

Capt, Ord

2nd Lt, Inf

1st Lt, Cav

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Col G F Lillard:

1. The Special Det Radio Station, CVP, Anderson’s Guerrillas, consisting of 7 members, is being administratively not favorably considered for recognition for record purposes.

2. This unit is being recognized in composite roster of the overall command of the Anderson’s Guerrillas.

3. No letter to be sent to the commanding officer.

1st Lt C L Homewood

Concur: Capt S C Buchanan, Chief, Southern Luzon Inv

Concur: Maj C. H. Wentzell, Chief, Unit Inv Sec

Concur: Lt Col. S. J. Palos, Chief, Unit Branch

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TO: Lt Col Hanes

Date: 10/8

These 3 casualty cases are from one of Anderson’s Units (Special Det. Radio Sta., C.U.P.). There are also 4 non-casualty cases. The unit consists of 7 individuals (See Incl #3).

These 7 cases are to be FC on the basis of Col Anderson’s recommendations. Papers are from the unit section, there being no previous cases on file in casualty section for the individuals.

The casualty recognition for the 3 individuals is for one day only, the usual policy when the unit is not recognized. Capt Norton informs me that Col Anderson will be unhappy with this recognition as these 3 individuals should be recognized for longer periods of service.

The non-casualty cases have not been worked yet and there will be a reduction in rank for those individuals.

[Sgd.] R. V. SLOAN

Notes and references:
1 “Special Detachment Radio Station CUP, Anderson’s Grlas,” File No. 101-13, online at the United States National Archives.

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