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December 29, 2017

Executive Order No. 308 Creating the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy

The present-day Municipality of Mataasnakahoy was formerly a part of the town of Lipa as the barrios of the same name and Kalingatan. It officially separated from the latter effective January of 1932 as per Executive Order Number 308 signed by George C. Butte, Interim Governor General of the Philippine Islands, on 27 March 1931.

The contents of the Executive Order are first provided in Spanish as extracted from a copy of the Official Gazette1 filed at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections. A translation is provided below the Spanish version courtesy of Batangas History, Culture and Folklore, since the official English translation is unavailable at the same source.

[Spanish version.]


Manila, 27 de Marzo de 1931.

No. 308

Por cuanto muchos de los habitants de los barrios de Mataasnakahoy y Kalingatan han solicitado que estos sean separados del municipio de Lipa, Provincia de Batangas, para constituirse en un municipio independiente;

Por tanto, de conformidad con las disposiciones de articulo sesenta y ocho del Codigo Administrativo Revisado, por la presente se aumentan a veintiseis los veinticinco municipios de la Provincia de Batangas, establecidos por el articulo treinta y ocho del citado Codigo Administrativo, separando par ello los mencionados barrios del municipio de Lipa para constituirlos en un municipio independiente, bajo el nombre de Mataasnakahoy.

El municipio de Lipa se compondra de su territorio actual menos el territorio comprendido en los actuals barrios de Mataasnakahoy y Kalingatan. El municipio de Mataasnakahoy se compondra del territorio comprendido en los barrios de Mataasnakahoy y Kalingatan.

La organizacion que aqui se dispone tendra efecto el primero de Enero de mil novecientos y dos.

Gobernador General Interino

[English version.]


Manila, 27 March 1931.

No. 308

Whereas many of the inhabitants of the Mataasnakahoy and Kalingatan neighborhoods have requested that they be separated from the municipality of Lipa, Batangas Province, to become an independent municipality;

Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of article sixty-eight of the Revised Administrative Code, the twenty-five municipalities of the Province of Batangas, established by article thirty-eight of the aforementioned Administrative Code, are hereby increased to twenty-six, thereby separating the mentioned barrios of the municipality of Lipa to constitute them in an independent municipality, under the name of Mataasnakahoy.

The municipality of Lipa will be made up of its current territory minus the territory comprised in the current barrios of Mataasnakahoy and Kalingatan. The municipality of Mataasnakahoy will be made up of the territory included in the barrios of Mataasnakahoy and Kalingatan.

The organization set forth here will take effect on January 1, nineteen hundred and two.

Interim Governor General

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Notes and references:

1 “Gazeta Oficial,” published April 1931 by the Philippine Government, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

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