Roster of the Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit

The Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit was purportedly a guerrilla organization that operated out of the then-town of Lipa, Batangas. It was supposed to have been commanded by one Hermenegildo Lopez and supposedly affiliated with the Anderson’s Guerrillas of Bernard Anderson. This unit failed to get official recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the Armed Forces of the United States. However, a number of its members gained recognition as part of the “Anderson’s Guerrillas Batangas Military Chapter.” In this document1 is contained the roster submitted by the Lone Wolf Intelligence Unit to the United States Army for recognition as an element of the Philippine Army in the service of the United States Armed Forces during the liberation period.

The reader is advised that the history of this unit coincides with that submitted by the Radio Detachment C-U-P of the Anderson’s Guerrillas, which would subsequently get recognition in addition to the composite unit submitted by the guerrilla organization’s headquarters.

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The roster contained in this page is broken down into several individual PDF documents embedded into this page from another site. Each page is duly paginated for the convenience and benefit of students and researchers who may need the pages for citation purposes.

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Notes and references:
1 “Lone Wolf’s Intelligence Unit,” File No. 183, online at PVAO.

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