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US Army Memo to the Rillo-Neri Unit, February 1945


The Rillo-Neri Unit was a guerrilla organization that was allegedly formed in the town of Balayan, and again allegedly by the authority coming from Col. Hugh Straughn, founder of the Fil-American Irregular Troops. It was supposed to have conducted intelligence work, kept peace and order and helped in the evacuation of the citizens of Balayan, Lemery and Tuy. Its combat team was also said to have participated in combat during the liberation of Batangas. While this guerrilla group failed to obtain full recognition from the United States Army, 130 of its members were recognized as a combat team and another 400 gained recognition with another guerrilla outfit, the Blue Eagle Brigade. In this document1, one Lt. Carl Rogers sent a memo of instructions to the Rillo-Neri Unit on the latter’s activities in the Balayan area in February 1945.

Guerrilla Files

Nasugbu, Batangas

13 February 1945
: Reports of Compliance to ATTACK ORDERS 31 JAN 45
: Directive
CO, Rillo-Neri Unit
1. I have been instructed by Lt. Col. J. H. Farren the following:

(a) On account of the depredations committed by the Japanese scattered around Balayan, it is believed that the best policy to be adopted by your organization is to refrain from encountering the Japs in combat.

(b) Your mission for the time being will be mainly to military intelligence and reports as usual.

2. The last predatory acts of the Japanese by burning Barrio Pooc is interpreted by us as a retaliatory act of the encounters that you have with these Japs.

3. It is suggested, therefore, that we have no American troops now to support your sector and wipe out these Japanese pockets, we reiterate our viewpoint in this matter.

4. Lt. Col. Cobarrubias has been given the same instructions in regard to this method that I want to emphasize on your faction and on Col. Cobarrubia’s faction that in Balayan and Tuy areas, you should adopt this method for the time being until we have the American troops to support you.

5. Your recommendation of having those places bombed by the United States planes did not meet the approval of the higher Commander.

1st Lt., CAC
Attached to the Guer. Hq.
Notes and references:
1 “Rillo-Neri (Lipa Guerrilla Headquarters Combat Team),” File No. 110-9, online at PVAO.
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