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Anonymous Letter to AFWESPAC on the Triumvirate Guerrillas


The Triumvirate Guerrillas was a purported guerrilla outfit that operated in Lemery, Taal and San Luis with its headquarters in the last town. The organization failed to gain official recognition from the United States Army and was even accused of being a fake organization. In this page1 is the transcription of an originally handwritten letter signed “People of Taal, San Luis and Lemery, Batangas” with disparaging information on the Triumvirate Guerrillas. Batangas History, Culture and Folklore cannot vouch for the veracity of the information contained in the letter, which is nonetheless included for historical purposes.

Guerrilla Files

[p. 1]

[Note to the reader: this letter was originally handwritten.]

Taal, Batangas

Gen. Styer


There is being submitted to the Headquarters of the Philippine Army a “rooster” [roster šŸ˜‰] — known as “Triumvirate Guerrillas” in which they prayed for recognition — to be processed numbering 800 men — headed by one Lt. Col. Narciso Diokno. All officers belong to one batch of families, friend & political followers of the “Dioknos” in San Luis, Batangas.

Lt. Col. Narciso Diokno — a brother-in-law of Mayor Pedro Diokno by first wife — made Captain of the Triumvirate Guerrillas — his son — Amado Diokno by first wife — captain, his other son Rolando Diokno, 1st Lieut.; his youngest son Roberto Diokno, a private; Lt. Roman Badillo, 1st Lieut. — a cousin of Mayor Diokno — and also cousin of Leodegario Diokno — supposed major of the guerrillas. Their compadre Vicente Maligalig — also a political follower was made captain. This man was solely res-

[p. 2]

ponsible for the capture of one American soldier in barrio Subic, Lemery, which was beaten, tortured, and punished by the Japanese. This is known throughout Batangas Province. Isias de Castro – cousin of the Dioknos, was made Lt. Rafael Salcedo – a political follower- was made Captain; Armando Diokno, son of Narciso Diokno, made Lt. Constantino Diokno, son of Leodegario Diokno included; Ernesto Diokno, employed for many years as “Yoin” – Japanese spy – was made Lt. This boy voluntarily joined the Jap Army for many years. He is related to the Dioknos. Captain Salazar, Mayor of Lemery, a political follower of the Dioknos, etc.

All of the officers of the Triumvirate Guerrillas are Dioknos and followers (politically). This Mayor of San Luis served during [the] Jap occupation; joined [the] Pacification Campaign, delivered speeches attacking the Americans, issued

[p. 3]

orders helping the enemies and now when sensing Americans coming, became pro-Americans – too clever, Joe! Pretended to be friendly with other guerrilleros. During his time as Mayor during [the] enemy occupation – ordered people to cooperate by giving cattle, hogs, chickens, vegetables, & rice to the Japs. Hundreds [of] cavanes [not sure, illegible] were deposited in [the] Central School Bldg., San Luis, Batangas.

These “Triumvirate Guerrillas” first joined “Blue Eagle” headed by Col. Amando Ilagan but were turned down for reason – banditry – killing civilians Catalino Albafuera from Butong, Taal and one American from [a] hideout in Subic, Lemery. Also one Feliciano Alvarez, Taal, Batangas. They robbed civilians of money, fish, chickens, horses, etc.

Now, they formed their own – listed many of their political followers, “compadres,” friends, etc.


Great anomalies!

Citizens of Taal, San Luis &
Lemery, Batangas
Notes and references:
1 “Triumivate Guerrillas,” File No. 112, online at the United States National Archives.
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