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Letter to CG, AFWESPAC Accusing the Triumvirate Guerrillas of Being Fake, February 1947

The Triumvirate Guerrillas was a purported guerrilla outfit that operated in Lemery, Taal and San Luis with its headquarters in the last town. The organization failed to gain official recognition from the United States Army and was even accused of being a fake organization. In this page1 is a transcription of an unsigned letter sent to the United States Army in February 1947 by what claimed to be the “Whole People and Guerrilla Legions of Batangas.” This page is included for documentary purposes and this web site leaves it to the reader/researcher to discern any value from its contents, especially in relation to the other documents posted on this supposed guerrilla organization.

Guerrilla Files

[p. 1]

Whole Province of Batangas
Batangas, Batangas

The Commanding General
APO 707, Manila

S i r :

The people of the Batangas and the guerrillas of the whole province of Batangas have the honor to bring to your attention that the Triumvirate Guerrillas recently forwarded to your office the pick-up roster (before election time) and which is headed by fake Lt. Col. Narciso Diokno, buy and sell magnate during the enemy occupation, and his followers, all fake officers, viz: Fake Maj. Leodegario B. Diokno, brother to fake Capt. Pedro B. Diokno – brother-in-law of the former; Capt. Amado Diokno, son of Pedro B. Diokno, also Lts. Roberto Diokno, Orlando Diokno, sons of Pedro B. Diokno and Constancio Diokno and Gregorio Diokno, sons to Leodegario B. Diokno; Lt. Ernesto Diokno and Roman Badillo, also related to the Dioknos; and many other officers who are political leaders and followers of the Dioknos.

As you will notice, all the officers of the “Triumvirate Guerrillas” are all “Dioknos.” All these officers and many of the followers are 100% fake and pro-Japanese.


1. Fake Capt. Pedro B. Diokno, puppet-mayor of San Luis, Batangas, P.I., together with all the Dioknos mentioned above and one fake Capt. Vicente Maligaya (alias Maligalig) of the barrio of Subic, town of Lemery, Batangas, were the masterminds of the arrest and apprehension of one American officers (the other two companions were able to escape). Their whereabouts was reported by pro-Jap (spy) Capt. Vicente Maligalig and fake Capt. Pedro B. Diokno who was then the Puppet Mayor of San Luis, Batangas, to a Japanese Liaison Officer (Mr. Nada) detailed in the Office of the Provincial Governor Maximo Malvar (this gov. is facing collaboration with the People’s Court). Upon receipt of the report, Japanese Kempetai, together with all the policemen in Lemery, Batangas under the leadership of the Chief of Police (Leoncio Sangalang, later killed by the guerrillas) proceeded to the barrio of Subic, guided by this Capt. Maligalig, who is from that barrio, and was able to catch said American officer by surprise. He was taken to [the] Batangas Japanese Military HQ on the track with the Jap. Nearly all people living along the provincial roads were able from Lemery to Batangas to see and witness the inhuman tortures the American officer suffered. He was stripped to the bone and after the capture, Mayor Pedro B. Diokno of San Luis was given a “Certificate of Honor” by Capt. Takay, Japanese Military Commander of Batangas. This certificate, written in Japanese characters, was always exhibited in a conspicuous place in San Luis to attract the attention of his Japanese cohorts.

2. He voluntarily gave aid in the form of hogs, chickens, eggs, rice and fish and those people in his jurisdiction who dared oppose were threatened with Japanese reprisals. (Evidence in documentary form herewith enclosed.)

3. He is an active member of the Pacification Campaign – delivering speeches in many towns of Batangas by telling the people to cooperate with Nippon, to surrender their firearms and to report to the nearest officials any guerrilla activities.

4. He encouraged the people of San Luis, Taal, and Lemery to plant cotton and threats were offered if disobeyed. (Record on evidence already sent to AFWESPAC.) For his cooperative spirit, he was given money and Xmas gifts.

5. He was the one responsible, being the Mayor of San Luis at that time, for the apprehension and torture of any guerrillas,

[p. 2]

foremost among them was the killing of one “Sol Villanueva” who was turned over by his policeman, fake Lt. Roman Badillo, officer also of the “Triumvirate Guerrillas,” to [the] Balayan Japanese Military Police. This guerrillero, together with Maj. Deguito and Dr. Bahia, were killed in Manzano’s mansion in Balayan, Batangas; also this Mayor Diokno and all other Dioknos in the fake organization were responsible for the arrest of another guerrillero, Mr. Metot Villanueva of Lemery, Batangas, who, in the early part of 1942, killed a Japanese sentry in Lemery, Batangas, but went into hiding in the mountain of Boboy, San Luis, Batangas. Contact his brother and many people of Lemery, Taal, and San Luis, and they will all tell the story. Mr. Eligio Villanueva, cunning as he is, and trained in the art of his Japanese masters, he was able to let pass things as if nothing happened. So many complaints have been filed against his conduct during his incumbency as Mayor of San Luis (Mayor since 1942-194_). Records from the CIC and from the Office of the Provincial Fiscal of Batangas will show the treasonable crimes his men and he committed during the enemy occupation. Pertinent documents had already been sent to the office of the AFWESPAC regarding his pro-Japanese leanings, especially during the time of Maj. Gen. Christianson. Part of it is herewith enclosed. The novelty is that when the Americans landed in Nasugbu, Batangas, in 1944 [the landing was in 1945], taking advantage of his position, he told the people that they were guerrillas – double-cross people should be liquidated. This he did to escape reprisals but he couldn’t fool the people all the time.

Gen Christianson had decided finally that his outfit be converted into “Home Guards” only. From that time on, his fake roster became a dead issue. But they still felt busy finding means to work for its recognition.

There was an incident in the life of Col. Ramsey when he passed San Luis during the enemy occupation, and there was a plot to kill him (of course, Col. Ramsey did not know this). But when he found out that if he and his men would do that, the genuine guerrillas of Gagalac would kill them. He withdrew his bad intention and, instead, sent his sons, fake Capt. Amado Diokno and Lt. Orlando Diokno, to see Col. Ramsey and pretended to be pro-Americans.

Now comes his chance. Col. Ramsey arrived from the States. He went to him and convinced him about their meeting in San Luis and reminded him of his guerrilla activities. Shame on you! Collaborators! By hook and by crook, they were able to get supporting papers from Col. Ramsey and pray again to AFWESPAC for recognition, now that they have the supporting papers. The prevailing gossip they are broadcasting is that they would bribe the contacting team in case he comes for reinvestigation by offering 30% of the total amount they would receive if recognized to give 100% recognition.

Two Commanding Generals knew that the “Triumvirate Guerrillas” are 100% fake. They may bribe other fools but always the truth will come to light. If properly investigated from the information given, their bluff will be sensed immediately. Theirs is now a plan to reduce the 800 men in their outfit to only 400 as promised by Col. Ramsey so they would be recognized but their dough should be given. Fixers and fixers……….. Good for recognition.

Very respectfully,

20 Feb 1947

Copy furnished:

The Commanding Officer
Guerrilla AFWESPAC Section
APO 707, Manila

Incl: Documentary evidence showing his 100% collaboration with the enemies. Supply of fish to the enemies first, the town of San Luis is famous for fish.

Notes and references:
1 “Triumivate Guerrillas,” File No. 112, online at the United States National Archives.
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