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More Documents in Support of the Lipa Town Unit's Application for Recognition


The Hunters-ROTC was one of the largest guerrilla outfits that operated in Southern Luzon during the Japanese occupation and was also involved in the liberation with United States Army Forces. The Lipa Town Unit was one of its components operating in the Province of Batangas. The unit’s application for recognition by the United States Army was subsequently withdrawn by the organization’s higher command, but the documents from its application are nonetheless included for historical purposes. In this page are transcriptions1 of additional documents in support of the Lipa Town Unit’s application to be recognized by the United States Army.

Guerrilla Files

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I, JOSE MA. KATIGBAK, Filipino, married, of legal age and residing in Lipa, Batangas, after having been duly sworn according to law, depose and say:

1. That after the liberation of the town of Lipa, Batangas, [a] military government was established on 23 April 1945, in the said municipality, thru the initiative of PCAU (Philippine Civil Affairs Unit) authorities;

2. That I was appointed by PCAU-11 as Municipal Mayor of this town beginning 23 April 1945, and until now holding the same position as such;

3. That as Municipal Mayor of this town, I appointed as subordinate employees some members of guerrilla units who actively participated in the liberation campaign of this town, to wit:

(a) 1st Lt. Alfredo M. Politico of the ROTC Guerrillas as Municipal Secretary;
(b) 2nd Lt. Marciano Abrenica of the ROTC Guerrillas as clerk in the office of the Local Civil Registrar;
(c) 2nd Lt. Pedro Aquino of the ROTC Guerrillas as extra clerk in the Treasurer’s Office.

4. That Lts. Alfredo M. Politico and Marciano Abrenica assumed their offices on 23 April 1945, and Lt. Pedro Aquino on 1 August 1945. Until now, these employees are holding the same positions as such; and

5. That the said employees, aside from their duties, helped the PCAU authorities in the distribution of relief goods in this town.

IN WITNESS hereof, I sign my name this 31st day of December 1945, at Lipa, Batangas.

SUBSCRIBED and sworn to before me this 2nd day of Jan 1946 by the affiant who exhibited to me his Residence Certificate No. A-2344101, dated May 4, 1945, issued at Lipa, Batangas.
[Sgd.] Pablo [Illegible surname]
Until December 31, 1945

Doc. No. 160
Page 90
Book No. I
Series of 1945.

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221 Medical Company

11 Airborne


This is to certify that the following members of the Lipa Town Unit were on active duty from 15 April 1945 to 28 April 1945, guarding the Medical Installation of the 221 A. B. Med. Co. at Lipa.
1. Alfredo E. Politico
2. Pedro G. Aquino
3. Marciano Abrenica
4. Francisco Tolentino
5. Luis Aquino
6. Nicasio Aquino
7. Leonardo Morada
8. David Vergara
9. Nacimino Flores
10. Gil del Rosario
11. Nicanor Latade
12. Jose Tapalla
1st Lt. Town Commander
2nd Lt. Adj. & T-1
2nd Lt. Int. Operative
Sergeant (Agent)
Sergeant (Agent)
Sergeant (Agent)
Cpl. M.P.
Pvt. Cook
Cpl. Road spotter
Pvt. Road spotter
Pvt. Road spotter
1st Lt. Provost Marshall
[Sgd.] Milton Liebskind
Capt. M. C.
C. O. 1st Platoon.
Notes and references:
1 “Lipa Town Unit, 2nd BN, 49th Regt., 47th Div, Hunters-ROTC,” File No. 307-40, online at the United States National Archives.
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