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Casualties Report of the 2nd Regiment Nasugbu-FAIT


The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation. It was founded by the retired US Army Colonel Hugh Straughn. It had many affiliated units in many towns of Batangas, including two regiments in the western Batangas town of Nasugbu. The 2nd Regiment is the second of these. In this page1 is a transcription of a casualties report submitted by the 2nd Regiment, Nasugbu-FAIT to the Guerrilla Affairs Section of the US Army’s Philippines-Ryukyus Command (PHILRYCOM).
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15 January 1947


: Casualties, Report of

: Guerrilla Affairs Section, PHILRYCOM USA

1. Sgt. Venancio Samson, caught and killed by the Japanese forces after the S-4 job in Looc, Nasugbu, Batangas.

2. Pfc. Macario Samontanez, caught and murdered by the Japanese after the S-4 job in Looc, Nasugbu, Batangas.

Both guerrillas were caught by Japanese spies. They helped in the S-4 job in coordination with USAFFE work. Both of them were told to dig a grave. Then, they were tied and ordered to go to their graves. Gasoline was poured over their bodies and [they were] cremated alive.

3. Sgt. Pablito Yzar – died in line of duty.

4. Pvt. Pedro Sobrepenia – died Feb. 3, 1945 while in mopping [up] operations against the Japanese.

5. Pvt. Apolonio Ilustre – died in line of duty on or about Feb. 9, 1945. He was accidentally shot by an American soldier while patrolling Palico Bridge of Nasugbu, Batangas.

6. Capt. Mariano Panganiban – died in barrio Malusak, Tuy, Batangas while in mopping [up] operations on or about 20 March 1945.

7. Sgt. Horacio Ramos – killed in action in the mopping [up] operations in Aga, Nasugbu, Batangas, fighting side by side with American troops. About Feb. 4, 1945.

8. Sgt. Sotero Marquez – machine-gunned by [the] Japanese after being caught in an intelligence job in Bauan, Batangas.

9. Pvt. Agustin Tiantez – under Capt. Mariano Rosales, was shot by the Japanese at barrio Polo, Nasugbu, Batangas on 20 Feb. 1944. He was killed after the sounding Nasugbu Bay as per instruction of Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool, Liaison Officer, SWPA.

10. 2nd Lt. Juan Roblico – caught by the Japs, tortured and killed on or about 20 Dec. 1944.

11. Sgt. Trifon Loquillano – missing in action, was reported killed in one of the barrios of Tuy, Batangas on or about Feb. 4, 1945.

12. Cpl. Mariano Magno, age unknown, killed at Caytitinga, Alfonso, Cavite, with papers on tactical operations.

13. Sgt. Priscillano Ramos – killed in mopping [up] operations in Caylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas side by side with the advancing 11th Airborne troopers.

14. 2nd Lt. Eugenio Cinco – captured by the Japanese in the river of barrio Wawa, Nasugbu, Batangas in the year 1943. He was executed by the enemy.


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15. Pvt. Gregorio Manayan, who was captured and executed in a lighthouse station with Sgt. Esteban Raymundo on Nov. 2, 1944. They were guerrilla agents captured by the Japs in Calavite, Mindoro in an intelligence missions.

16. Sgt. Esteban Raymundo – captured and executed on November 2, 1944 with Pvt. Gregorio Manayan.

17. Sgt. Eleuterio Bago – executed by the Japanese in Paluan, Mindoro on December 15, 1944.

The following is a report of the deceased casualties (three officers) who died while this outfit is hereby pending recognition.

18. Captain Marciano Rosales was shot to death on Jan. 25, 1945 by an ex-constabulary of the Japanese regime.

19. 1st Lieut. Antonio Cabalfin, who was killed on November 28, 1946.

20. 2nd Lieut. Leopoldo Villaluna, who died on November 15, 1946.

Circumstances of the deaths of the above deceased casualties shall be fully explained by the widows’ claims applications.


Notes and references:
1 “2nd Regiment, Nasugbu FAIT,” File No. 110-51, online at PVAO.
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