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US Army Letter Informing Felino Paran of the Lipa Guerrilla Regiment's Non-Recognition

The Lipa Guerrilla Regiment used to be known as the “Second Batangas Regiment” when it was affiliated with the Marking’s Guerrillas of Marcos Agustin. It was formed by a former USAFFE officer named Felino Paran. Upon Paran’s capture by the Japanese, command was assumed by Miguel Lina and became known as the “Lipa Guerrilla Unit.” The organization ultimately failed to collectively gain official recognition by the United States Army, but some of its members did get this coveted accolade. In this page1 is a transcription of a letter from one Lt. Col. W. P. Moore of the US Army informing Felino Paran of the Lipa Guerrilla Regiment’s Non-Recognition.
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APO 707
30 July 46

Mr. Felino Z. Paran
Tambo, Lipa
Batangas, P.I.

Dear Mr. Paran:

The “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment,” purporting to be a guerrilla organization under your nominal control, is not favorably considered for recognition as an element of the Philippine Army.

A set of general requirements for guerrilla recognition, established by General MacArthur during the liberation of the Philippines, has been used as a guide in considering the record of this unit. After careful investigation and full consideration of all available substantiating records and testimony of witnesses having pertinent knowledge, recognition of this guerrilla unit is not deemed to be warranted because of reasons mentioned below:

a. The unit was not maintained satisfactorily in the field in opposition to the enemy.
b. A definite organization was not established.
c. Adequate records were not maintained (names, ranks, dates of enlistment or joining, dates of promotions, and necessary related information).
d. Performance of the units did not indicate adequate control by its leaders because of desertion of personnel to join other units.
e. Units did not show satisfactory continuity of activity and organization.
f. Members of the unit did not devote their entire effort to military activities in the field to the exclusion of normal civilian occupation and family obligations.
g. Record of service was not substantiated by sufficient acceptable evidence.

It is requested that you comply with the provisions of Executive Order No. 68 by the President of the Philippines, dated 26 September 1945, copy attached.

Sincerely yours,

Asst Adj Gen

1 Incl:

Executive Order No. 68.

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Lt. Col. Hugh L. Carnahan:

1. The “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment,” consisting of 1818 men under the command of Felino Z. Paran, has not been favorably considered for recognition. Approximately 150 men, claiming to be a part of both the “Lipa Guerrilla Unit” and the “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment,” have been previously recognized.

2. Basis for non-recognition:
a. The number of men worthy of recognition have previously been recognized.
b. Record of service was not substantiated by sufficient acceptable evidence.
c. The members of the unit are claimed by more than one command, indicating internal dissension.
d. Communication with higher and lower echelons was practically non-existent.
e. The unit did not comprise an effective, cohesive military unit, nor did the unit have adequate control.
f. Col. Marking Agustin was questioned and stated that he received very little information as to the activities of [the] subject unit during the two months this unit was attached to Marking’s Fil-American Troops.


1. Concurred in by Chief of Investigation Section (Capt. D. C. Murray 0-2-24899).

Notes and references:
1 “Lipa Guerrilla Regiment Paran’s Unit,” File No. 23, online at PVAO.

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