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Memo to CG-PHILRYCOM Requesting Reconsideration for 2nd Regt Nasugbu FAIT


The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a large guerrilla organization that operated in Luzon during the Japanese occupation. It was founded by the retired US Army Colonel Hugh Straughn. It had many affiliated units in many towns of Batangas, including two regiments in the western Batangas town of Nasugbu. The 2nd Regiment is the second of these. In this page1 is a transcription of a memorandum addressed to the Commanding General of the PHILRYCOM from Marcelino T. Enriquez of the 2nd Regiment, Nasugbu-FAIT, requesting for reconsideration on his unit’s failed application for reconsideration.

Guerrilla Files

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7 May 1947
: Request for Reconsideration for Recognition of Nasugbu
Fil-American Irregular Troops, 2nd Regiment
: Commanding General
1. Reference letter your Hqs. dated 27 February 1947 file. No. GSCPU 091 PI/296 (copy attached herewith) denying recognition to the Nasugbu Fil-American Irregular Troops, 2nd Regiment:

a. I wish to inform you, Sir, in this supplementary letter that we have submitted to your Hqs. other documentary evidences, orders, directives and other communications between our unit and USAFFE officers dating way back to 1942, together with official communications from Lt. Col. J. D. Vanderpool, Liaison Officer, GHQ SWPA, since late 1944 and later with other U.S. Army officers before and after the 11th Airborne landings in Nasugbu, Batangas. In addition, we have also submitted the testimonies and affidavits of reliable and outstanding guerrilla leaders like Col. Quintin Gellidon, Guerrilla Coordinator; Col. Terry Magtangol (Adevoso), CO ROTC-Hunters, giving light to our affiliation and attachment to Lt. Col. Vanderpool, SWPA. All these facts show, undoubtedly, that from any standard, our documents are acceptable and sufficient authentic evidences of the service record of the Nasugbu Fil-Americans, 2nd Regt. We have also acquired additional documentary evidences dating [to] as early as 1943, establishing the existence and connection of the Nasugbu Fil-Americans, 2nd Regt., with other guerrilla Hqs., particularly with Col. Hugh Straughn’s Fil-Americans.

b. The unit was maintained as satisfactorily in the field in opposition to the enemy as far as it was humanly possible under the circumstances obtaining during the occupation. Under our fixed and limited sphere of operation in the mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas, the unit had a definite organization fighting the enemy continuously, and our unwavering campaign bolstered the morale of the civilian population and gave an endless headache to the enemy. Our history, submitted evidences and additional documents enclosed here support the fact of the unit’s continuous military campaigns against the enemy.

c. Activities of this unit included frank cooperation with USAFFE forces in S-2 and S-4 work in 1942, combat engagements, counter-intelligence, propaganda together with the active support of the inter-guerrilla services. Our lengthy list of deceased casualties shows the supreme price of our unit activities in contributing to destroy a common enemy. The unit gave vital intelligence reports to Col. Vanderpool at the Panagsagan Site, Nasugbu, pointing the Japanese pillboxes, hidden trenches, their arms and ammunition depots such that during the initial landing of the 11th Airborne Division on January 31, 1945, these Japanese strategic spots were blasted by U.S. bombers. Our unit has to its credit the killing of many Japanese soldiers and we had advance guards that went as far as Southern Manila and [the] Los Baños concentration camp to liberate the Allied prisoners there. Such activities were without doubt material contribution to the eventual defeat of the enemy.

d. It is true that some members of the unit did not devote their entire efforts to military activities in the field to the exclusion of normal civilian occupation, but the recognition we request is only for those who had rendered full-time services from their induction to the time they were discharged. The roster of this unit has been screened from a regiment to battalion strength by Col. Herbert Shaftoe, former Chief of the GAB, AFWESPAC, excluding therefore the part-time members.

To further substantiate our claim for recognition, I hereby transmit to your office additional important supporting papers.

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In view of the foregoing reasons, it is earnestly requested that an early reconsideration for recognition be granted to the NASUGBU FIL-AMERICAN IRREGULAR TROOPS, 2ND REGIMENT.
Col., CO FAIT, 2nd Regt.
Hq., Nasugbu, Batangas
1. PHILRYCOM letter GSCPU 091 PI/296 dtd Feb. 1947
2. Military Communications:
a. Maj. Vanderpool’s Attack Orders dtd January 30, 1945 to Nasugbu FAIT
b. Maj. Vanderpool’s Inter-Guerrilla Courier Service
c. Major Vanderpool’s Letter of Introduction dtd 13 December 1944
d. Sabotage Orders to Batangas Fil-Americans dtd 27 Jan. 1945
e. Maj. Vanderpool’s Additional Instructions to Loyal Guerrillas, 15. Jan. ’45.
f. Maj. Vanderpool’s Commendation to CO Fil-Americans dtd 27 Feb. ’45.
g. Change of Command from Maj. Vanderpool to Lt. Col. J. Farren dtd 9 Feb. ‘45
h. Maj. Vanderpool’s Order for Reports on all Automobiles dtd 16 Feb. ‘45
3. Samples of American Identification Papers for all Guerrilla officers.
4. Affidavits and Certificates of Guerrilla Commanders and USAFFE officers to the Nasugbu FAIT, 2nd Regt.
a. Terry Magtangol “Adevoso,” Col. CO, ROTC Hunters
b. Quintin Gellidon, Ex-Col. CE 042240-PA
c. Jesus Perucho, Lt. Col. Nasugbu FAIT
d. Jose Razon, Lt. Col., Inf., ASN 023813, Chief of Staff, MPC
e. Jose P. Rueda, Maj. G-2, CIS MPC
f. Manuel T. Dikit, Ex-Col., Inf. ASN 0-41807
g. Salvador Rillo, Col. Rillo-Neri Unit
Notes and references:
1 “2nd Regiment, Nasugbu FAIT,” File No. 110-51, online at PVAO.
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