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Vanderpool Document on the Attachment of Guerrillas to US Army Units


Col. Jay D. Vanderpool was the Liaison Officer sent by Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command to southern Luzon, including Batangas, to coordinate guerrilla activities in the area in preparation for the Allied invasion. Transcriptions of a selection of his communications either with guerrilla units or offices of the United States Army are compiled in this section. In this page is a transcription1 of a supposed “secret” document from Vanderpool issued to guerrilla commanders on the recruitment and attachment of their personnel to United States Army units.
Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool
Left: Col. Vanderpool. Image credit:  ARSOF History. Right: Filipino soldiers being inspected. Image credit: US National Archives.
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Central Luzon

26 February 1945


: Letter of Instructions

: All Guerrilla Units of this Command

1. Due to the fine combat record established by the Guerrilla Organizations in this area, Major General Swing, Commanding General of the 11th Airborne Division, has directed that all of the guerrilla units now under this command be attached to his division immediately.

2. All guerrilla organizations will be immediately attached for command, rations and supply as indicated below:

Attached to the 187th AB Inf (Col. Hildebrand): Marking’s Fil-Amer (Erne), AUSA (Golden and Rainbow Regts.)

Attached to the 11th AB Inf (Col. Soule): Taparan Unit, ROTC, PQOG (Valenzona)

Attached to 511th AB Inf (Col. Lahti): CASTAƑEDA Force, Saulog Force, Arnado Force

Attached to Division Artillery (Brig Gen Farrell): Mag-Irog Force, Manila Units, Dayrit Unit

Attached to 152nd AA Bn: (Lt-Col Farren): NASUGBU FIL-AMERICANS

3. All armed men will be organized into companies and formed into battalions of

4. Each battalion will have one Headquarters and service company. These men may be armed with pistols or may be unarmed.

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5. The number of additional service troops required will be agreed upon between the Guerrilla Leader and the Commander to whom attached.

6. Remaining troops will be classified as reserves and are subject to call as arms become available.

7. This attachment does not induct personnel into the Philippine Army but individuals will be given an opportunity to either enlist in the Philippine Army or return to civilian status at a later date.

8. All men attached will be VOLUNTEERS. After volunteering, these men are subject to military regulations as irregular troops.

9. All men who have volunteered for service will be given an 11th Airborne shoulder patch as a mark of identification and written authority to bear arms.

10. No person except those duly recognized and attached to the 11th AB Division will be authorized to bear arms in this area. All armed men will either join the combat forces or surrender their arms to the U. S. Army. Such arms will be issued to guerrilla organizations attached to the 11th AB Division. After a date (to be announced later), any person without proper identification and shoulder patch of the 11th AB Division will be disarmed. This regulation does not apply to those guerrilla units now in enemy occupied territory areas.

11. Guerrilla units now in enemy occupied territory will be attached as the area in which they are now operating is liberated.

12. Unit commanders indicated will report to their respective Regimental Commanders 27 February 1945 and receive complete instructions, unless direct contact has already been established.

13. Complete rosters will be submitted immediately to Regimental Commanders of Rifle and Service companies formed. The type and serial number of the arm of each man will be indicated.

14. Complete rosters of reserves will be submitted as soon as possible.

15. Reports of previous combat activities will be compiled and submitted to Regimental Commanders.

16. Philippine Scout and USAFFE officers and men will remain with guerrilla forces until ordered to report to the U. S. or Philippine Army.

17. This Headquarters will cease to function in command capacity in the liberated areas but will continue to function in an advisory capacity.

Major, G. S. C.

Notes and references:
1 “1st Regt., Nasugbu-FAIT,” File 110-52, online at the United States National Archives.
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