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Memo Template for Designating Guerrilla Camps as Relay Stations


Col. Jay D. Vanderpool was the Liaison Officer sent by Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command to southern Luzon, including Batangas, to coordinate guerrilla activities in the area in preparation for the Allied invasion. Transcriptions of a selection of his communications either with guerrilla units or offices of the United States Army are compiled in this section. In this page is a transcription1 of a memo template to be addressed to various guerrilla organizations in Luzon designating their camps as relay stations for a courier service. The memo is signed by one Lt. Col. Gustavo Ingles of the Hunters-ROTC Guerrilla Organization and for Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool. A similar service was also ordered established by Vanderpool in the Batangas-Cavite-Western Laguna area where he operated.
Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool
Left: Col. Vanderpool. Image credit:  ARSOF History. Right: Filipino soldiers being inspected. Image credit: US National Archives.


18 December 1944


1. You are hereby informed that your camp is designated, as arranged in a previous understanding, as a relay station in the courier service under the supervision of Major Jay D. Vanderpool, Liaison Officer, GHQ, SWPA.

2. You are Station No. _____ in the First Route of the courier service and Station No. _____ in the Second Route of the same service.

3. Specifically, your duties are:

a. To relay all messages or packages sent through your station for transmission.

b. To give protection to all messengers and direct couriers of all organizations at all times.

c. To provide for board and lodging for all messengers passing through your territory when necessary.

d. In case any of the couriers is robbed or harmed by any irresponsible party or parties, you are to extend to him all the necessary aid he needs.

e. You are to have four runners present in your station at all times for service.

f. All couriers must travel by pairs when delivering messages.

g. All stations must note down the condition of the messages or packages when delivered to them for transmission, i.e., whether closed, opened, damaged, or tampered with.

h. Tampering with the messages or the packages will be dealt with severely, so that Station Masters or Camp Commanders must see to it that all packages or messages are handled with care.

i. No messages or packages must be held in your station longer than twenty-four hours.

4. Inasmuch as all guerrillas are to profit by this service and inasmuch as this service is under the supervision of the personal representative of the Commanding General of the SWPA, all guerrillas are enjoined to respect the personnel and mails of this service.

By Order of Major J. D. Vanderpool:

Lt.-Col., Guer.
Hunters or ROTC

1 Maj. Vanderpool
1 Col Gellidon
1 Stations Concerned
1 File

Notes and references:
1 “GHQ, Hunters-ROTC,” Folders 1-2, online at the United States National Archives.
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