Vanderpool's Memo Introducing Quintin Gellidon to Guerrilla Leaders, December 1944 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Vanderpool's Memo Introducing Quintin Gellidon to Guerrilla Leaders, December 1944 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Vanderpool's Memo Introducing Quintin Gellidon to Guerrilla Leaders, December 1944


Col. Jay D. Vanderpool was the Liaison Officer sent by Headquarters, Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command to southern Luzon, including Batangas, to coordinate guerrilla activities in the area in preparation for the Allied invasion. Transcriptions of a selection of his communications either with guerrilla units or offices of the United States Army are compiled in this section. In this page is a transcription1 of a memorandum from Vanderpool introducing to all guerrilla leaders Quintin Gellidon as his personal representative.
Maj. Jay D. Vanderpool
Left: Col. Vanderpool. Image credit:  ARSOF History. Right: Filipino soldiers being inspected. Image credit: US National Archives.
13 December 1944

: Letter of Introduction
: All Loyal Guerrillas and other Loyal Leaders.

1. This letter will introduce the bearer, Quintin Gellidon, as my personal representative assisting in the coordination of efforts of the several guerrilla organizations in Cavite, Batangas and Western Laguna.

2. For security reasons, it is not deemed advisable to commit to writing the instructions that I received before leaving GHW, SWPA, therefore I have instructed a Commanding General Southwest Pacific Area to be disseminated to all known loyal guerrilla leaders. [The document from which this document was transcribed was a copy of the original. This statement obviously does not make sense. Batangas History, Culture and Folklore thinks the correct text should read: “I have instructed Gellidon to disseminate to all loyal guerrilla leaders instructions from the Commanding General, Southwest Pacific Area.”]

3. These instructions deal primarily with means of coordinating the activities of the many units, the cooperation between the various units, and the establishment of courier routes so that information desired by GHQ, SWPA may move unmolested to a radio station and that necessary medical supplies can be sent to guerrilla units and to certain civilian organizations. Further, if arms are to be forwarded to units in the interior of the island of Luzon, carrying parties must be [given] safe passage to all guerrilla areas.

4. It is desired that couriers bearing a pass or letter of authority from any recognized leader of a major guerrilla organization be given every assistance by all other loyal guerrillas and loyal citizens in order that his mission may be accomplished.

5. In the event that any question arise that the bearer, Colonel Gellidon, cannot answer regarding policies and desires of GHQ, SWPA, a message to the undersigned via courier will receive an immediate supply.

6. Radios are being placed in various strategic places throughout Luzon in order that all loyal guerrilla leaders may send reports to General MacArthur and receive instructions from the General. All leaders are enjoined to take the fullest advantage of these communication channels.

Maj., Gen. Staff Corps USA


Col. Inf. USA
Asst. Guerrilla Commander

Col, CO, Infantry
2nd Regiment, Nasugbu

Notes and references:
1 “2nd Regiment, Nasugbu FAIT,” File No. 110-51, online at PVAO.
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