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Reconsideration Report on the 6th Infantry Regiment McKinley Division


The Fil-American Irregular Troops or FAIT was a large guerrilla organization founded by the retired United States Army Colonel Hugh Straughn and had many affiliate units in Southern Luzon, including Batangas. The 6th Infantry Regiment, McKinley Division, which operated in the town of Lemery, was one of these. In this page is a transcription1 of a reconsideration report filed by one Lt. Pete Breaz afte the 6th Infantry Regiment’s initial application for recognition was not favorably received and a request for reconsideration was sent.

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The subject unit was initially investigated by Lts. Aubuchon and Sta Romana in June 1946. Per letter, this headquarters, dated 8 July 1946, the unit was not favorably considered for recognition. Reconsideration was requested on 29 July 1946. (Tab A) and granted on 21 August 1946.


The commanding officer was requested to submit to this office any additional evidence concerning his unit for reconsideration investigation. At one time, B. S. Sedano, CO, McKinley Div, submitted records for various subordinate units of his command for reconsideration; none were for the 6th Inf. Ample time has been allowed for submission of additional papers; since none has been forthcoming, it is concluded that there is no furthe evidence to substantiate this unit’s claim.

The commanding officer, in his letter requesting reconsideration (Tab A) of his unit, made several claims for the support of same. These claims with comments are as follows:

(1) Claim: Unit was maintained satisfactorily in the field in opposition to the enemy.

Refutation: It is admitted in the reconsideration letter itself (Tab A) that the unit, even when armed, laid low to “conserve its strength.” The letter also states that the unit did not kill [the] Japanese because of fear of enemy reprisals on the civilian population. Lt. Aubuchon’s TLR (Tab B) reveals that this unit follows the pattern of all FAIT units in Batangas; “Lay Low.” The report further reveals that the unit never operated as a combat organization and that most of the unit members lived at home.

(2) Claim: Activities did contribute materially to the eventual defeat of the enemy.

Refutation: The unit claims to have sabotaged the enemy cotton plantation in Batangas; this claim is similarly made by all guerrilla units in Batangas, Eastern Cavite, and Western Laguna. There was no evidence to substantiate their claims of attachment to U.S. Army units. Refutation #1 also strengthens this refutation.

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(3) Claim: Performance of the unit did indicate adequate control by its commanding officer.

Refutation: In Dec 1944, the former CO (Venturanza) and 300 men joined the Blue Eagles. Thereafter, reorganization occurred only on paper (Tab B). A complaint letter from a member of the 6th Inf (Tab C) states that D. Encarnado, present CO subject unit, remained in Mindoro until after the liberation of Batangas. The undersigned at one time investigated the entire McKinley Division and, as far as could be ascertained, the accusation is well-founded.

(4) Claim: Unit did show satisfactory continuity of service and activity.

Refutation: Lt Aubuchon’s TLR (Tab B) discloses that the subject unit had disintegrated sometime prior to the liberation.

(5) Claim: Members of the unit devoted their entire efforts to guerrilla activities to the exclusion of normal civilian occupation and family obligations.

Refutation: Tab B clearly reveals that unit members lived at home and devoted very little time to guerrilla activities.

(6) Claim: Record of service was substantiated by sufficient acceptable evidence.

Refutation: There was insufficient evidence to substantiate the unit’s claims; had there been, the unit would have been recognized. No additional evidence was presented for reconsideration.

The undersigned spent considerable time in Batangas investigating guerrillas, especially in the Lemery-Balayan area which is part of the subject unit’s claimed area of operations. The 6th Inf is not known in this area except as a paper organization. Activities in this area were performed by the Licopa, Gagalac, Lipa Grla Hqs, and Blue Eagle units. All deserving units in the area have already been recognized.

There are no deserving members in the subject unit.


This unit does not appear to have political aspects or affiliations.


1. That the original decision of this headquarters dated 8 July 1946 not favorably considering for recognition

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the 6th Infantry, McKinley Div, Straughn’s FAIT, be sustained.

2. That the casualties of the subject unit be not favorably considered.

3. That this report constitute final action by this headquarters upon the subject unit.

2nd Lt., Inf

Notes and references:
1 “6th Infantry Regt, McKinley Division, FAIT,” File No. 275-13, online at the United States National Archives.
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