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Vicente Conti’s Request for Info from the US Army on the Pandita Area Guerrillas


The Pandita Unit was a guerrilla organization organized in the town of Bauan, Batangas. It was supposedly affiliated with the 6th Military District under Col. Macario Peralta which was based in the island of Panay in the Visayas. Also affiliated with this district is the Lobo Unit, the documents of which are also posted in this web site. In this particular document1, one Vicente Conti, a Regimental S-1 (personnel officer) of the Pandita Area unit, request for information on action being taken on his guerrilla’s request for recognition by the United States Army.

Guerrilla Files


7 March 1946
: Request for information.
: Guerrilla Affairs Section, TTC Bldg., AFWESPAC
APO 707.

1. This refers to the guerrilla organization under Colonel Deny P. Flores named “Pandita Area.”

Sometime last January 1946, Deny P. Flores, together with the undersigned and three other members of the same organization, went to T&C Building, Guerrilla Affairs Section, and presented to Major Huebsch, B. W., pertinent papers concerning the activities and history of the organization. The reply we received from said Major was “I shall take care of this.” From that time on, the undersigned has been earnestly waiting for orders or information but until at present, nothing has been received.

Lately, the undersigned was informed by Colonel Deny P. Flores that [the] roster and activities of this unit have been submitted to AFWESPAC for action and consideration. Information was also received from him that assurance for the recognition of this unit is certain. The members of this organization who have been actively participating in the operation and had been attached to different United States Army units in their operation against the enemy have been very desirous to hear from the undersigned the final and true result. As the undersigned has not received any official orders or communication from either Deny Flores or the Processing Team as to the true status of this organization, no available official information could be furnished those active members who had risked their lives for the common cause.

2. The undersigned has been an adjutant to Deny P. Flores and has had complete charge of all papers and activities of the organization. Information re activities and further details of said organization can be furnished by the undersigned upon request.

3. It is earnestly requested that the undersigned be furnished information as to whether steps are being taken in consideration of the recognition of this unit.

4. Any further consideration given to the undersigned for the prompt action on his request will receive his full admiration and thanks and will add to the satisfaction of all the members.


1 Incl:

1 Ltr, Subj: Personal History and Activities in the Organization
Notes and references:
1 “Pandita Area, Free Luzon Intelligence Echelon, 6th MD, [Folder 4],” online at the United States National Archives.
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