February 1, 2018

Aerial Photograph of US Army Maneuvers in Batangas 1930

Aerial Photograph of United States Army maneuvers in Batangas, 1930.  Image source:  United States National Archive.
Aerial Photograph of United States Army maneuvers in Batangas, 1930.  Image source:  United States National Archive.
The photograph above was taken in August 1930. It has been downloaded from the United States National Archive and is captioned “Batangas, Luzon, P.I. (for Philippine Islands) – Vertical view of Camp of Infantry Battalion (Maneuvers).”

The approximate coordinates given were 13° 45'N 121° 04'E which seem suspicious because these self-same coordinates were given for other pictures taken in apparently different locations.

However, because the United States Army maintained facilities in what was then Batangas-Town, it is possible that the maneuvers stated in the caption were being held in that town.

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  1. If my guess are correct this was taken over what is now the area of Batangas City Sports Complex (Stadium) where MMRCo extends up to Brgy Sta Clara exiting the Rizal Ave extension facing the reclaimed area (claimed by Batangas Bay Developer Inc. and occupied by informal settlers today) and Batangas Bay. The road up will take you to Brgy Sta Clara and Poblacion in the opposite, now known as Rizal Avenue. O n the upper right are salt beds which said to be a salt farm at that time. The formation on the ground and the parcel of lot adjacent, with buildings and vegetation must be the Batangas Trade School or what is now known as Batangas State University. Batangas High School grounds is also visible in the picture unfortunately the Mabini Building was not caught in the photo which said to be build in 1905 erected on the lot donated by Dona Eugenia Zuniga del Rosario. The road captured on the lower left is M.H del Pilar street at present, leading to Brgy. Cuta particularly Bagong Palengke. As you can see on the lower right section of the photo, a visible railway separate each other, one going to Brgay Sta Clara crossing the lot of now Batangas City Sports Complex and the one which is known today as ``Istasyon` or RR Station occupied today by informal settlers. Coordinates for your reference LAT 13°45'15.57"N LONG 121° 3'5.65"E on google earth drag and rotate ``N`` on the right side of your computer screen to properly orient on how it looks like in the photo.