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February 2, 2018

Man with Deep Bayonet Scar on his Back, 1945

Man with deep bayonet scar on his back, Taal, Batangas, 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.
Man with deep bayonet scar on his back, Taal, Batangas, 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.
Date Taken: 2 October 1945

Original Caption: Hilario Laro, a Filipino, shows a bayonet scar which was inflicted by the Japanese during their terroristic reign. Many Filipino men, women and children carry such scars. Taal, Batangas, P.I. (for Philippine Islands)

Not counting the photos of cadavers that had been left to rot out in the fields by the Japanese in their bloodlust in 1945, the above picture has to be among the most horrific pictures taken in the aftermath of World War II in Batangas.

Source: United States National Archives. The photo was colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.

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