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Festivals of Batangas

Batangas is a province of hardworking people, and this is why it is also among the nation’s most progressive provinces. This is not to say that BatangueƱos do not have a celebratory nature. On the contrary, although the renowned provincial festival, the famous Ala Eh Festival, is known throughout the archipelago, most of Batangas’ cities and municipalities celebrate their own festivals.

In this post, we list the festivals of Batangas for the benefit of those who may just be looking for a reason to pay this great province a visit. Please note that these festivals are predominantly planned by the tourism councils or offices of the different cities and towns of Batangas, and may change not only dates but also names over time.

A marching band during a Lipa City fiesta parade.  Property of Batangas History.
A marching band during a Lipa City fiesta parade.  Property of Batangas History.

FebruaryKarakol FestivalTalisay
FebruaryPunlad FestivalTalisay
Last week of Feb-March 7Mahaguyog FestivalSto. Tomas
March/AprilDagit (Holy Week)Ibaan
23 AprilYamang Dagat FestivalMabini
25 AprilSinuam FestivalSan Jose
AprilEl Pasubat FestivalTaal
1 MayPabitin FestivalBalete
2 MaySublian FestivalBauan
16 MayPiyesta ng TinapayCuenca
Pastulan FestivalSan Pascual
18 MayBalsa FestivalLian
30 MayRegattaMaria Paz, Tanauan City
31 MayTapusan FestivalAligtagtag
Last Sunday of MayGrand La PazAgoncillo
9 JuneSinukmani FestivalRosario
24 JuneParada ng LechonBalayan
23 JulySublianBatangas City
9 AugustMaliputo FestivalSan Nicolas
12 AugustKambingan FestivalTuy
15 AugustSigpawan FestivalLemery
10 SeptemberBancatonSan Nicolas
23 SeptemberLomi FestivalLipa City
27 SeptemberAnihan FestivalLobo
1st Friday of OctoberEggstravaganzaSan Jose
OctoberKapeng Barko FestivalLipa
OctoberCalacatchara FestivalCalaca
1 DecemberKabakahan FestivalPadre Garcia
2 DecemberMardi GrasNasugbu
8 DecemberAla Eh FestivalProvince of Batangas
12 DecemberLambayak FestivalSan Juan

Notes and references:

Information contained in this page has been taken from the web sites of Batangas' different local government units.
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