List of Hospitals in Batangas as Listed by the DoH - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore List of Hospitals in Batangas as Listed by the DoH - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

List of Hospitals in Batangas as Listed by the DoH

For people who are planning to relocate to Batangas and wish to check the available medical facilities; or for medical practitioners who are looking for jobs or internships in the province, Batangas History makes available this list of hospitals in the various towns and cities of the province.

The list below is taken directly from the Department of Health (Philippines) web site on 19 May 2018. Included are only those facilities classified as “Hospital” in DoH nomenclature. Other classifications include Barangay Health Station, Rural Health United and Birthing Home.

Image source:  Norbert Kaiser - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 2.5,
Image source:  Norbert Kaiser - Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 2.5,

The original DoH database document includes a field stating whether a hospital is licensed or not. However, the information is incomplete and, therefore, Batangas History prefers not to include this column. Those who wish to follow through may just click this link to the DoH database: Department of Health Database of Facilities.
Facility Name Gov/Pri City/Town Landline #
Facility Name Gov/Pri City/Town Landline #
Balayan Bayview Hospital & Medical Center PRI Balayan +63 434073508
Don Manuel Lopez Memorial District Hospital GOV Balayan +63 439800541
Medical Center Western Batangas PRI Balayan +63 434071103
Metro Balayan Medical Center PRI Balayan +63 432116556
Batangas Health Care Hospital Jesus Of Nazareth PRI Batangas City +63 437232918
Batangas Medical Center GOV Batangas City +63 437230165
Golden Gate General Hospital PRI Batangas City +63 437238508
St. Patrick'S Hospital And Medical Center, Inc. PRI Batangas City
United Doctors Of St. Camillus De Lellis Hospital PRI Batangas City +63 437403086
Bauan Doctors General Hospital PRI Bauan +63 437274149
Bauan General Hospital GOV Bauan +63 437220550
Dr. Mario D. Bejasa General Hospital PRI Bauan +63 437271365
Ospital Ng Calaca GOV Calaca +63 432237708
Martin Marasigan Memorial Hospital GOV Cuenca +63 437401381
Sto. Niño Medical Clinic PRI Cuenca
Queen Mary Hospital PRI Ibaan +63 433112028
St. James the Greater Hospital PRI Ibaan
Batangas Provincial Hospital PRI Lemery +63 434090573
Lemery Doctors Medical Center PRI Lemery +63 434111531
Metro Lemery Medical Center PRI Lemery +63 434090480
Our Lady Of Caysasay Medical Center PRI Lemery +63 434091888
Salazar Polyclinic PRI Lemery +63 432142303
St. Martin General Hospitalc PRI Lemery
Hospital De San Juan Bautista PRI Lian
Divine Love General Hospital PRI Lipa City
Dr. Kison's Clinic PRI Lipa City
Dra. Araceli D. Mendoza Memorial Medical Clinic PRI Lipa City
Fernando Air Base Hospital PRI Lipa City +63 437781810
Holy Family Medical Clinic PRI Lipa City
Lipa City District Hospital GOV Lipa City +63 434553175
Lipa Medix Medical Center GOV Lipa City +63 437563008
Mary Mediatrix Medical Center PRI Lipa City +63 437736800
Metro Lipa Medical Center GOV Lipa City +63 437560549
N. L. Villa Memorial Medical Center PRI Lipa City +63 437564871
San Antonio Medical Center Of Lipa, Inc. PRI Lipa City +63 433122003
Ospital Ng Lipa GOV Lipa City +63 437021805
Lobo Municipal HospitalGOV Lobo
Mabini General Hospital PRI Mabini +63 434253204
Zigzag Hospital PRI Mabini
Apacible Memorial District Hospital GOV Nasugbu
Central Azucarrera Don Pedro Hospital PRI Nasugbu
Jabez Medical Center PRI Nasugbu +63 434160446
Metropolitan Medical Center - Nasugbu Branch PRI Nasugbu +63 436964374
Dr. R. Rosales Memorial Medical Hospital, Inc. PRI Padre Garcia +63 435159190
Christ The Saviour General Hospital, Inc.PRI Rosario +63 437401412
Mahal Na Virgen Maria Santo Rosario District Hospital GOV Rosario +63 437064137
Palma-Malaluan Hospital PRI Rosario +63 437784811
Sto. Rosario Hospital PRI Rosario +63 433211025
Untalan General Hospital PRI Rosario
Metro San Jose Medical Center PRI San Jose +63 437260207
San Jose District Hospital PRI San Jose +63 437260158
Divine Care Hospital Multi Services Corp. PRI San Juan +63 435753408
Duque General Hospital PRI San Juan
San Juan District Hospital GOV San Juan +63 435753756
San Juan Doctors Hospital Inc PRI San Juan +63 435753138
Solomon's Clinic PRI San Juan
St. Nicholas Doctors Hospital PRI San Nicolas
Santo Tomas Municipal Hospital GOV Santo Tomas
St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center PRI Santo Tomas
St. Vincent De Paul Hospital PRI Santo Tomas
Sto. Tomas General Hospital PRI Santo Tomas
Assumpta Medical Hospital PRI Taal
Taal Polymedic Hospital And Medical Center PRI Taal
St. Andrew Hospital PRI Talisay
C.P. Reyes Hospital PRI Tanauan City +63 437845401
Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center GOV Tanauan City +63 437781810
Gonzales Medical And Childrens Hospital PRI Tanauan City +63 437781218
H.M. Corachea General Hospital PRI Tanauan City +63 437781298
Laurel Memorial District Hospital GOV Tanauan City +63 43723311
Silva'S Clinic PRI Tanauan City
Tuy General Hospital PRI Tuy
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