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Republic Act No. 6116 Creating the Municipality of San Pascual

The municipality of San Pascual along the Batangas Bay used to be a barrio named Lagnas which used to be part of the larger municipality of Bauan. The latter was founded, as were other 16th and 17th pueblos in what would become the Province of Batangas, by Augustinian missionaries on the shores of Lake Bombon, presently called Taal Lake.

San Pascual formally separated from Bauan in 1969 by virtue of Republic Act 6116, the contents of which are documented in this post.

Historic Batangas Documents

Section 1. Twenty-five of sixty barrios, namely: San Pascual, Danglayan, San Antonio, Laurel, Bayanan, San Mateo, Banaba, Natunuan South, Natunuan North, Kaingin, Santo Ni, Sambat, Palsahingin, Alalum, Sta. Elena, Del Pilar, Malaking Pook, Pil, San Mariano, Pook ni Banal, Pook ng Kapitan, Mataas-na-Lupa, Ilat, Gelerang Cawayan, and Resplandor in the Municipality of Bauan, Province of Batangas, are separated from said municipality, and constituted into a distinct and independent municipality, to be known as the Municipality of San Pascual, same province. The seat of government of the new municipality shall be in the present site of the barrio of San Pascual.

Sec. 2. The new municipality shall acquire corporate existence upon the qualification of the first mayor, vice mayor and councilors, who shall be elected in the next general elections for local officials in November, nineteen hundred seventy-one.

Sec. 3. The present indebtedness of the Municipality of Bauan in whatever lending institution and the indebtedness to be incurred as a consequence of the creation of the Municipality of San Pascual shall be apportioned proportionately based on their areas between the new Municipality of San Pascual and the Municipality of Bauan and each shall be liable to the payment of its proportionate share.

Sec. 4. The Roman Catholic Cemetery and the municipal cemetery shall be retained as a territory under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Bauan. The one-half hectare area wherein the pumping station of the water system of Bauan is located shall remain under the jurisdiction of Bauan, and so with the one-half hectare area where the reservoir of the water system is to be located to be under the jurisdiction of Bauan.

Sec. 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: August 4, 1969

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Source: Chan and Robles Virtual Library
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