February 1, 2018

Spanish Evacuees in Nasugbu offer Hospitality to American Soldiers, 1945

American soldiers get feel the hospitality in Nasugbu, 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.
American soldiers get feel the hospitality in Nasugbu, 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.
Date Taken: 13 April 1945

Original Caption: Spanish evacuees who fled the U.S. bombings in Manila only to run into the 8th Army invasion at Nasugbu, south of Manila, offer a welcome to 11th Airborne Division troops. These civilians only a few moments before had been hiding in foxholes. They were quick to recover their poise and offer their hospitality to the Americans.

Source: United States National Archives. Colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.

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