US Army Company G Soldiers entering Sulok, Santo Tomas 1945

Date Taken: 9 April 1945

Original Caption: Infantry of Company “G,” 187th Regiment, 11the Airborne Division, moving up on the way to Sulac, Batangas, Luzon, P.I. (for Philippine Islands) (The entry into Sulok was part of the pincer movement of the United States Army) which would end up enveloping Japanese forces in Lipa. Readers familiar with the map of Batangas will immediately realize that driving south from Sulok would have led the Americans into the Mount Malepunyo Mountain Range area to the east of poblacion Lipa City.)

Note to the reader: “Sulac” is Barrio Sulok at the border between the Lipa City and Santo Tomas, known in the present day as Barrio Santa Cruz of Santo Tomas.
Soldiers entering barrio Sulok
Soldiers of Company G of the 11th Airborne Division enter Barrio Sulok, 1945.  Image source:  United States National Archives.

Notes and references:
Image credit: United States National Archives. The picture was colorized courtesy of Algorithmia.

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