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January 1, 2018

Local Beliefs in Cuenca, Batangas by Agripino R. Cuevas, 1924

This page contains the complete transcription of the 1924 ethnographic paper written by one Agripino R. Cuevas from .jpeg scans of the originals made available by the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections. Corrections for grammar had been made in certain parts but no attempt was made to rewrite the original paper. Original pagination is indicated for citation purposes.

[Cover page.]

Tagalog Paper No. 473.



Agripino R. Cuevas.

- - - -


  1. TAGALOG: Cuenca, Batangas Province.
  2. Summary: Folklore: Beliefs.

- - - -

November 20, 1924.

[p. 1]


Agripino R. Cuevas.

- - - - -

1. Don’t comb your hair at night, lest your mother will soon die.

2. If the fire “laughs,” it means that some visitor will come.

3. If you bite your tongue, somebody is speaking of you.

4. If you dream of a conflagration, some of your relatives will die.

5. If you smell an odor similar to a burning candle when there is none of anything like it around, it means that some of your relatives or friends have passed away.

6. When you hear at midnight the cry of an owl, it means that somebody died.

7. If you wear anything new, go to mass first and it will be durable.

8. If you see a cat rubbing his face with his paws at the door, it means that somebody will visit you.

9. If you dream that some of your teeth have fallen down, it means that some of your relatives will die.

10. If you receive the visit of a black cat at night, it is a bad omen.

11. If there is thunder before lightning, it means that

[p. 2]

a sweetheart and a lover have eloped.

12. In a newly married couple, the one whose candle light extinguishes first, indicates that he is the first one to pass away.

13. If you see a snake climbing to your house, it indicates coming prosperity.

14. If you leave the house while somebody is eating, you will or are liable to meet a snake on the way.

15. If you dream that you found centavos or pesos on the street, it means that you will soon have [an] itch.

16. Pregnant women should not step over ropes that hold horses or cows in the open field, lest they should have hard delivery.


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Notes and references:
Transcribed from “Local Beliefs in Cuenca, Batangas,” by Agripino R. Cuevas, 1924, online at the Henry Otley-Beyer Collection of the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

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