Action Report of LCI(M) 362 on the Nasugbu Landing, Jan 1945

Transcription of an action report on the 31 January 1945 Nasugbu landing from the LCI(M)1 362. This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.

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Historic Batangas Documents

USS LCI (M) 362

31 January 1945


Commanding Officer, LCI (M) 362
Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Fleet
1. Commander Task Unit 78.2.6
2. Commander Task Group 78.2
3. Commander Task Force 78

Action Reports
Nasugbu Operation

(a) Article 874(6) U.S. Navy Regulations, 1920
(b) Com7Phib Conf. ltr. FE 25/ A16-3(3), serial 0212 of 17 February 1944
1. Departed Leyte Gulf 27 January 1945 with Task Group 78.2. Destination Nasugbu Point. Mission to keep Nasugbu Pointed neutralized until occupied by our troops. Acting with LCI (M) 359. Firing to commence at 0730 Item time; cease firing when directed. The above was in accordance with Task Group Commander 78.2 Operation Plan 1-45.

2. Arrived at designated point of deployment at 0630 Item time 31 January 1945. Proceeded to assigned Fire Support Area on left flank of beach. Commenced firing at 0730, three rounds every minute for ten minute intervals alternating with LCI (M) 359. Ceased firing as directed at 1015 Item time.

3. There were no failures in ordinance equipment. 227 rounds of 4.2 H. E. mortar ammunition expended.

4. The enemy caused no damage to the ship; damage to enemy unknown.

5. Installation if possible of radar is recommended.

6. There were no casualties to naval personnel aboard.

H. A. Peterson, Jr.

Advance Copy to CominCh

To view or download the original document, please refer to Item 2 below under Notes and References.

Notes and references:
1 LCI(M)
stands for Landing Craft Infantry” Medium. Wikipedia.
2LCI(M)-362 - Rep of ops In the amphibious assault landing at Nasugbu, Luzon Is, Philippines on 1/31/45,” online at the United States National Archives.
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