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Action Report of the LSM Flotilla 7 on the Nasugbu Landing, Jan 1945

Transcription of an action report filed by the LSM 1 Flotilla 7 on the Nasugbu Landing of 31 January 1945. This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.

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Historic Batangas Documents
LSM Flot 7/A16-3/WEV(Br)
Serial No. 001-45
SECRET 3 February 1945


Commander Task Unit 78.2.4 (ComLSMFLot 7).
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet
(1) Commander Task Group 78.2 (ComGrEIGHT,7thPhibFor).
(2) Commander Task Force 78 (Com7thPhibFor).
(3) Commander Task Force 77 (ComSEVENTHFlt).
(4) CincSWPA.

Action Report of the Task Unit 78.2.4, Operation M-63.

(A) U.S.S. LSM 203 Action Report, NASUGBU, Luzon, Operation.
1. Task Unit 78.2.4 was organized as a part of the Task Group 78.2 (Admiral W.M. FECHTELER, USN). The ships of the unit were LSMs 54(F), 41, 52, 53, 65, 169, 203, and 218. The mission of this unit was to transport and land assault troops of the 11th Air Borne Division (187th and 188th Regimental Combat Teams) with their supplies and equipment on shore in the Nasugbu Area, Luzon, Philippine Islands at 0815 on 31 January 1945. Minus 9 zone time in effect. The loads carried by LSMs of this unit totaled 30 officers, 356 men, 263 vehicles and 4-3/4 tons of ammunition. The total tonnage was 606. 67. Average tonnage was 75.96. 3 piper cubs4 were carried in trucks and not included in the above total of 263 vehicles. The 263 vehicles are listed as follows: 113 trucks, 43 trailers, 22 howitzers, 8 tractors, 4 ambulances, 3 DUKWs5, 1 crane, 1 grader, 1 bulldozer, 45 pushcarts, and 22 scooters.

2. Task Unit 78.2.4 departed Leyte Philippine Islands at 1658 27 January 1945 in company with Task Group 78.2 for Operation M-6. There were no events of importance en route to the objective area. At 0427 31 January, the formation deployed into the approach disposition. At 0840 wave 4 consisting of LSMs 53, 41, 169 and 203 beached. At 0912 the beach was strafed by machine guns located on the port beam and apparently in a godown [warehouse] in the village of Wawa. I directed the LSM 203 to open fire with its 40MM gun. Details are included in the action report submitted by LSM 203 and attached as Enclosure (A). As the LSMs did not have any direct contact with the enemy, no action report was requested of them. At approximately 1600 this unit was strafed from the port beam by what appeared to be a 75MM gun. Several shells landed about 100 yards on the port bow of LSM 54 and ricocheted over the unit. This battery located about 1-½ miles to port of the unit was shelled by a destroyer and LCI gunboats.

3. The only ordnance equipment used was the 40MM gun of LSM 203, details of which are included in Enclosure (A).

4. Battle damage to ships of this unit was restricted to minor damages to LSM 203. Damage to enemy installations is included in Enclosure (A).


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Commander Task Unit 78.2.4
(ComLSMFlot 7)

LSM Flot 7/A16-3/WEV(Br)
Serial No. 001-45
SECRET 3 February 1945
Subject: Action Report of Task Unit 78.2.4, Operation M-6.

5. Installation of twin 40MM mounts, as recommended in part 5 of Enclosure (A), is an approved alteration and awaiting action. Its accomplishment is urgently desired. The recommendation of installation of a 40MM gun aft is recommended. Gun power on this type of ship at present is entirely inadequate.

6. Recommendations of part 6 of Enclosure (A) are not approved. While the accuracy of the gunfire of the gun crew was considered to be far above that normally to be expected from such an inexperienced gun crew, and resulted in knocking out the enemy machine gun nests before the LCI gunboats could bring their fire to bear on the target, it is felt that it was not extremely hazardous and only a routine duty under such circumstances.



Notes and references:

Document transcribed from the original which was downloaded from the United States National Archives.

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