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Action Report of LCI(M) 359 on the Nasugbu Landing, Jan 1945

Transcription of an action report on the 31 January 1945 Nasugbu Landing from the LCI(M)1 561. This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.
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U.S.S. LCI(M) 359
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
LCI(M) 359/A4-3 3 February 1945
Serial No. 1
From: Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet.
Via: (1) Commander Task Unit 78.2.6
(2) Commander Task Group 78.2
(3) Commander Task Force 78
(4) Commander SEVENTH Fleet.
Subject: Action Report – Nasugbu Operation, Luzon
Reference: (a) Article 874(6) U.S.N. Regulations, 1930.
(b) Com7thPhib. Conf. Ltr. Serial 0212 of 17 February 1944.
(c) Nasugbu Grid coordinate sheet 3253 II.
(d) Commander Task Group 78.2 Operation Plan 1-45.

1. This ship participated in support of landing at Nasugbu Bay, 31 January 1945. Designated fire support target area for this ship operating in conjunction with LCI(M) 362 was area Able off Nasugbu point including slopes and reverse slopes in grid coordinates 3604W to H and extending to 3704I to V in accordance with Reference (c) and (d). Mission of this ship was to cover target area with slow Mortar fire and neutralize possible gun emplacements and prevent reinforcements in this area. The protection of this flank was accomplished in the following chronological order after LCI(R)3 had bombarded this area with covering rocket fire.

2. The chronological order of deploying and firing is as follows:

0400 Convoy course 090T, Speed 09 Kts.
0609 C/C 045, C/S 06 Kts.
0617 Order to deploy was given. Prior to deploying, pitch control went out on port quad which was secured. Proceeded to area Able at best speed of about 8 kts.
0730 Maneuvering ship into firing position.
0745 In position and commenced firing.
0756 Ceased firing. 26 rds H.E. and 1 rd W.P. expended.
0815 Commenced firing.
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Serial No. 1
Subject Action Report – Nasugbu Operation, Luzon.

0834 Ceased fire. 30 rds. H.E. expended.
0848 In position – commenced firing.
0905 Ceased fire. 39 rds. H.E. expended. Maneuvering south of firing position.
0919 Lying to, to make underwater inspection of Port screw. LCI(M) 362 covering area.
0945 Inspection of screw completed and casualty determined to be pitch control. Underway to firing station.
0958 Commenced firing.
1016 Ceased firing. 65 rds H.E. expended.
1030 Lying to 4000 yards Southwest of Nasugbu point.

3. General coverage of area good. No enemy fire encountered.

4. No serious casualties occurred to the mortars. One misfire occurred in the Bow mortar; this was allowed to set for one (1) minute and then cleared. The Starboard and Port mortar showed a break in the welds at the forward base angle plates, this did not impair the firing. Set to south made it difficult to hold heading on target with only one screw.

5. All hands conducted themselves in a creditable manner.

6. Total ammunition expenditure – 160 rds H.E. and 1 rd. W.P.

7. Similar recommendations are made with regards to supplying Radar, Sperry Gyro compass and improved mortar boxes as were made in this ship’s action report of 15 January covering Lingayen operation.

Advance Copy to CominCh
[Sgd.] F.C. Nevius
To view or download the original document, please refer to Item 2 below under Notes and References.
Notes and references:
1 LCI(M) stands for Landing Craft Infantry” Medium. Wikipedia.
2LCI(M)-359 - Rep of ops In the amphibious assault landing at Nasugbu, Luzon Is, Philippines on 1/31/45,” online at the United States National Archives.
3 LCI(R) means Landing Craft Infantry (Rocket). Wikipedia, op. cit.
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