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Action Report of USS Radford (DD446) on the Nasugbu Operation, Jan 1945

Transcription of an action report on the 31 January 1945 Nasugbu Operation from the USS Radford (DD1 446). This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.

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Historic Batangas Documents

Serial 07
4 February 1945



The Commanding Officer.
The Commander in Chief, United States Fleet.
(1) The Commander Destroyer Division 42.
(2) The Commander Task Unit 77.3.1
(3) The Commander Tank Group 78.2.
(4) The Commander Task Force 78.
(5) The Commander Seventh Fleet.
(6) The Commander Allied Naval Forces, Southwest Pacific Area.

Action Report – Nasugbu-Batangas Area.

(a) Pacific Fleet Confidential Letter 1CL-43, Enclosure (A) – Outline of Action Report.

(A) Track Chart of Nasugbu-Batangas Area.
1. Parts I and II submitted by the Commander Destroyer Division FORTY-TWO.

2. Part III – chronological account of the action – is as follows:

January 31 – Sunrise 0728 – Sunset 1858:

Steaming in company with Task Unit 77.3.1 consisting of DENVER (OTC Admiral R.S. Riggs, USN), FLETCHER, AND RADFORD on course 080° T, speed 12 knots. This unit was enroute to NASUGBU, BATANGAS, located on the southwest coast of LUZON, to serve as call fire support during the amphibious landings in that area. The sky was overcast, sea was calm, and visibility was good. At 0650, all hands to general quarters while approaching objective area, on course 080° T, speed 18 knots. At 0810, received operational plan and fire control grid charts from TINMAN. FLETCHER left formation to destroy a mine, returning shortly thereafter. Task unit reported to CTG 78.2 and commenced patrol as call fire unit in fire support area Baker. The landing force hit the beach with no opposition. The scheduled close supporting fire and serial bombardments were carried out. At 1521, duty having been completed, Task Unit 77.3.1 stood out of the NASUGBU Area and set course 270° T, speed 14 knots, enroute to MINDORO. At 2250, joined Task Group 77.3 and proceed on course 110° T, speed 12 knots.

3. Parts IV, V, and VI – Performance of ordnance equipment, material, and personnel was good. No damage was sustained. There are no special comments.

(Enclosure (B) to CDD-42 ltr.
Serial 02 of Feb. 6, 1945).


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Map enclosure to report of the USS Radford on the Nasugbu Landing of 1945.
Map enclosure to report of the USS Radford on the Nasugbu Landing of 1945.

Notes and references:
1 DD stands for Destroyer. “Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations, “D”,” online at
2USS RADFORD - Rep of ops in support of landings at Nasugbu, Luzon Is, Philippines 1/31/45,” online at the United States National Archives.

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