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Action Report of the USS-LCI(G) 407 on the Assault Landing in Nasugbu, Batangas, January 1945

Transcription of an action report on the 31 January 1945 assault landing at Nasugbu, Batangas from the USS-LCI1 407. This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.
Historic Batangas Documents
USS LCI (G) 407
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

2 February 19443

From: The Commanding Officer, USS LCI (G) 407
To: The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet

(1) The Commander, LCI (g) Group 16
(2) The Commander, Task Unit 78.2.6 (LCI Support Unit)
(3) The Commander, Task Group 78.2 (Com Phib Group 8)
(4) The Commander, Task Force 78 (Com 7th Fleet)
(5) C in C SWPA

Copies: CinCPac, Three advance copies

Subject: Action report, Nasugbu area, SW Luzon, P.I., 31 January 1945.

Reference: Cfdl PacFlt ltr 1CL-45

1. This ship participated in the initial assault and invasion of Nasugbu Bay, SW Luzon, P.I. on 31 January 1945 in company with Task Group 78.2 composed of screen LST’s, LCI(L)’s, LCI(R)’s, and LCI(G)’s.

2. We departed for the objective from Leyte, P.I. at 1730, 27 January 1945.

3. We entered the immediate Nasugbu Bay area at 0623 31 January 1945 and upon execution of the order “deploy” took station 500 yards aft of two mortar ships on the right flank of the assault line and proceeded in toward San Diego Point. We proceeded to within 1500 yards of the San Diego point where we had orders to stand by and protect the right flank of the invasion force while awaiting call fire mission. We encountered no opposition here and did not open fire.

4. Following pre H-hour (0815) bombardment by destroyers and mortar ships, rocket ships and gunboats preceded the first assault waves into the beach at Nasugbu (true course 080) and silenced light mortar resistance reported on the beach. Troops were landed on schedule.

5. At 0930, we received orders to proceed to the left flank and seaward of the beach area where we were able to make a strafing assault on Nasugbu Point. Here, opposition was found light and the strafing run was cancelled.

6. We remained in the area from 31 January until 0235 2 February. During this time, enemy small boats made small-scale night attacks on the outboard screen of destroyers and destroyer escorts which were protecting the Bay area. Two enemy PT boats and approximately 20 “suicide boats” were also under fire from our destroyers from 2200 to midnight on 1 February 1945. These boats were reported to be attempting to move into Nasugbu Bay area by advancing north along shoreline under cover of darkness.

7. We fired no rockets or ammunition in this invasion and suffered no casualties.

[Sgd.] John D. Mc Enroe LT, (jg) USNR
Commanding Officer

To view the original document, please refer to Item 2 below under Notes and References.

Notes and references:
1 LCI stands for Landing Craft Infantry. Wikipedia.
2LCI(G)-407 - Rep of ops in the assault landing at Nasugbu, Luzon Is, Philippines 1/31/45 - 2/2/45,” online at the United States National Archives.
3 Obviously a typographical errors, should be 1945.

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