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VIDEO: US Army Nasugbu Landing, 31 January 1945

Below is a short video of the landing by Allied Forces on the beaches of Nasugbu, Batangas on 31 January 1945, something history remembers as Xray-Day. The landing force was the United States Eighth Army, with orders to support the Sixth Army’s offensive in Manila from Lingayen Gulf and to block the exit of Japanese troops moving south.

This same force, especially the 11th Airborne Division or the “Angels,” as they were known, would also be instrumental in the liberation of Batangas from Japanese control.

This video was originally part of a longer video which contained documentation of prisoners being released from the city of Cebu. The video has been cropped because the earlier part is irrelevant to this site. The video has also been treated with video software to improve brightness, contrast and over all clarity.

The video was downloaded from the United States National Archives and is now made available to teachers, researchers, students and the general public in Batangas who may have an interest in this subject.

Notes and references:
Taken from “RELEASE OF AMERICAN PRISONERS, CEBU, PHILIPPINE ISLANDS,” video online at the United States National Archives.

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