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War Diary of LSM Flotilla 2 Group 4 for March 1945, Including Trip to Nasugbu

Transcription of war diary by the LSM1 Flotilla Two Group Four for March 1945, including a run from Subic Bay to Nasugbu. This is a declassified document2 taken from the United States National Archives.

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Historic Batangas Documents
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, Cal.

LSM Gr. 4/A12-1
Serial 063

5 April 1945


Commander LSM Group Four.
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Fleet.

War Diary for month of March 1945 – Submission of.

(a) Cominch restr. ltr. Ser.7152 of 29 Oct. 1943.
March 1st and 2nd: LSMs 18, 19, 21, 257, 138, 139, 310, 311 comprising LSM Group FOUR less LSMs 22, 23, and 258, at anchor Subic Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands.

March 3rd. At 0200(I) LSMs 18, 19, 21, 257, 310, and 311 with three LCI’s3 and four escorting YMSs4 departed Subic Bay enroute to Nasugbu, Luzon, P.I., as T.U. 76.3.9 with Commander LSM Group FOUR as CTC. Proceeded at various courses and speeds to Nasugbu, arriving there at 0800(I) 3 March 1945. LSMs and LCIs were beached and loaded equipment and personnel of the 19th and 21st Infantry for transportation to Mangarin Bay, Mindoro Island, P.I. Loading was completed and convoy departed for Mindoro at 1715(I). Proceeded on assigned course at various speeds arriving at destination 1100(I) 4 March. LSMs and LCIs beached as directed and unloaded cargo and personnel. Upon completion, LSMs reported to Commander LSM Flotilla TWO for operations. LSMs 138 and 139 arrived in convoy 6 March 1945.

March 4-7. At anchor, Mangarin Bay, units of LSM Group FOUR engaged in maintenance and upkeep.

March 7-12. All units of LSM Group FOUR less LSM 23 engaged in Victor FOUR Assault covered by a Special Action report already submitted.

March 13-14. Units of LSM Group FOUR less LSMs 18 and 23 beached and loaded men and equipment of 41st Division for transport to Zamboanga, Mindanao, P.I. as First Resupply Echelon of Victor-FOUR. When loading was completed, Commander LSM Group FOUR transferred his flag temporarily to LSM 310. LSM 18 designated to proceed to Subic Bay, Luzon, P.I. for hull and bow door repairs.

March 15-17. First Resupply Echelon, Victor-FOUR underway 1040(I) 15 March 1945. Included in echelon were all units of LSM Group FOUR less LSMs 18 and 23. Convoy proceeded by prescribed course and at various speeds, arriving off Zamboanga, Mindanao, P.I. at 0830(I) 17 March 1945. All units beached an unloaded as directed; by 1500(I) all LSMs excepting LSMs 19 and

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Commander LSM Group FOUR.
Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Fleet.
War Diary for month of March 1945 – Submission Of.

21 were retracted and anchored in assigned area. LSM 19 was stuck on beach and unable to retract until high tide. LSM 21 had run aground on an underwater obstruction when first called to the beach, and was unable to retract and beach properly until high tide. At daylight on 18th March LSM 21 was beached and unloaded. She then joined other units in the anchorage.

March 18-20. LSM Group FOUR, less LSMs 18 and 23, with LSMs of Flotilla TWO and LSTs5 underway at 1530(I) 18 March, returning to Mangarin Bay, Mindoro, P.I. Screen Commander ComDesDiv.62, OTC. Return was made without incident, LSMs arriving at anchorage at 0945(I) 20 March 1945.

March 20-22. LSMs of Group FOUR at anchor at Mangarin Bay for maintenance and upkeep.

March 23-31. At 1500(I) March 23, all LSMs of Flotilla TWO present, including LSM Group FOUR, beached at Red Beach, Mindoro, P.I. for maintenance and recreation. Semi-annual inspection of Group FOUR units was made by Commander LSM Group FOUR.

[Sgd.] R. C. JOHNSON.

CC: ComLSMFlot.2

To view or download the original document, please refer to Item 2 below under Notes and References.

Notes and references:
1 LSM stands for Landing Ship, Medium. “Glossary of US Naval Abbreviations,” online at Ibiblio.org.
2COM LSM GR 4 - War Diary, 3/1-31/45,” online at the United States National Archives.
3 LCI stands for “Landing Craft Infantry,” Wikipedia.
4 YSM stands for District Motor Mine Sweeper, “Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations, Y,” online at Ibiblio.org.
5 LST stands for Landing Ships, Tanks, “Glossary of U.S. Naval Abbreviations - L,” online at Ibiblio.org.

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