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List of Japanese Properties Captured by the Gagalac Guerrilla Unit

The Gagalac Guerrilla Group was one of the groups operating in Batangas that was given official recognition by the United States Army after World War II. In this undated document is a list of Japanese properties captured by the Gagalac Guerrila Unit in combat with Japanese troops, included as an enclosure/attachment to an appeal for recognition by the United States Army.

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First Dacanlao2 Encounter

a. Two (2) horses captured.

Second Dacanlao Encounter

a. Seven (7) rifles.
b. Four thousand (4,000) rounds of ammunition.
c. Five (5) blankets, five (5) steel helmets, identification insignias.

Mayasang3 Balimbing4 Encounters

a. One (1) box, hand grenades.
b. Undetermined number of ammunition.
c. Rice and other food supplies.

Bayabasan5 Encounter

a. Seventeen (17) rifles.
b. Two (2) boxes, hand grenades.
c. Two (2) knee mortars.

Malusak6 Encounter

a. One (1) 50-cal. machine gun.
b. One (1) 30-cal. machine gun.
c. Two (2) 25-cal. light machine gun.
d. One (1) 30-cal automatic rifle.
e. Twenty-nine (29) 30-cal. Arisaka rifles.

Batulao7 Mopping Up Operations

a. Twenty-seven (27) rifles.
b. Two (2) sabers.



Notes and references:
Transcribed from the documents of the Gagalac Guerrilla Unit, originally downloaded from PVAO>

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