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January 6, 2018

Map of Lobo, Batangas and Verde Island, 1961

Lobo and Verde Island, Batangas.  Source: NLP Digital Collections.
Above is a map of the Municipality of Lobo at the southern tip of the Province of Batangas along with Verde Island, which belongs to the City of Batangas. The digital file has been downloaded from National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

The version seen above has been resized to 2000 x 1568 pixels from the original 8539 x 6695 pixels for quicker download from Batangas History.

To view the original and larger file (3.15 MB) from the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections, please click this link → Original File.

The following information is contained in the map itself:

Edition 1 BTSM (First Printing 1961) Published by the Board of Authority of Technical Surveys and Maps in Cooperation with the Department of National Defense.

Sources: US Army Map Series 733, Compiled in 1956 by Photogrammetric Methods 1947-1953 Photographs and Others.

Map Scale: 1:50,000

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Notes and references:
“Lobo,” Cartographic Materials, online at the National Library of the Philippines Digital Collections.

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