Letter from Eleuterio Adevoso of Hunters-ROTC to Luis Licopa, December 1944 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore Letter from Eleuterio Adevoso of Hunters-ROTC to Luis Licopa, December 1944 - Batangas History, Culture and Folklore

Letter from Eleuterio Adevoso of Hunters-ROTC to Luis Licopa, December 1944

The Licopa Guerrilla Unit was a guerrilla outfit under the command of one Luis Licopa and operated out of Lemery, Batangas. In this December 1944 document, Hunters-ROTC Guerrillas Commander Eleuterio Adevoso wrote to Luis Licopa to inform him of the presence of Major Jay D. Vanderpool of the US Army’s Southwest Pacific Area (SWPA) Command and also, from context, seemingly to invite the Licopa Guerrilla Unit to voluntarily join the Hunters-ROTC.

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Guerrilla Files


16 December 1944

Mr. Licopa, Commanding Officer,
Subic, Lemery Guerrilla Unit:

Dear Mr. Licopa:

Greetings to you, brother-in-arms!

The bearer of this communication is Major Jacinto del Pilar, Commanding Officer, 49th Regiment, 47th Division, of the HUNTERS ROTC GUERRILLAS. He carries with him besides, a self-explanatory letter from Major Jay D. Vanderpool, General Staff Corps, U.S.A., GHQ, SWPA Liaison Officer, presently with us in this Headquarters.

We would like to inform you that Major Vanderpool has been assigned to coordinate guerrilla efforts, in the area covering Manila, Cavite, Eastern Laguna and Batangas. Other Liaison Officers have been assigned to other areas of Luzon.

From what we gather after several conferences with Major Vanderpool, it is not the intention of GHQ, SWPA, nor his intention, to maintain liaison and communication with small units, because this would involve an enormous amount of work and unnecessary loss of time. His intention is to furnish transmitting and receiving sets, as well as arms and other supplies, mainly to the major guerrilla organizations. The Headquarters of Gen. MacArthur has no intention of forcing small units to join the bigger organizations, but he has suggested that smaller units voluntarily attach themselves to large organizations to simplify coordination problems.

We are, therefore, taking this opportunity of inviting your Unit to join this organization, so that you may better serve the country and the cause, and in order that your Unit may be recognized and your services duly rewarded in the near future. It is but obvious that all units should act in consonance with orders from GHQ, SWPA. Of course, as a patriotic organization, you can do anything destructive to the Japs. But there are certain things you may do which may be destructive to ulterior plans

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at D-Day. However, if you are with us, you can be sure that whatever your actions may be or whatever orders may come to you shall be in consonance with official orders from GHQ, SWPA. Moreover, at this particular stage of the struggle, there is an imperative necessity for a fusion of all guerrilla forces, in order that a chain of command may be formed, thus coordinating all their activities. And it is for us, Filipino guerrilla leaders, to show to the world that when the need of the hour calls for it, we can forget personal interests for a greater and more glorious cause. We assure you that after we have joined hand in hand, your Unit will receive a proportionally fair amount of supplies and equipment intended for us.

I am sure you will be proud to be one of us. For this organization is one of the oldest in Luzon, having existed even while fighting in Bataan was still going on. It is one of the best guerrilla units, counting upon thousands and thousands of members spread all over Rizal, Laguna, Tayabas, Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Bataan, Zambales, Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija. It is one of the most active organizations, be it in the elimination of spies and other unworthy elements of the country, in combat with the enemy, or in intelligence work for the Allied Cause. And above all, it is one of the most disciplined guerrilla organizations, officered as it is by former Usaffe officers, cadets of the Philippine Military Academy and ROTC cadets, professionals and trained civilians. Your Unit would be a most worthy addition to our organization.

We hope you will not fail the cause at this particular period of our country’s history. We shall await your reply.

Meanwhile, please extend my very best regards to all your officers and men.

Colonel, Infantry
Notes and references:
1 File Number 50, Licopa Unit (GLINT), downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.
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