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Letter from Vicente Atienza of Tuy-FAIT Requesting for Info on Recognition Request, Feb 1947

The Fil-American Irregular Troops, otherwise known simply as FAIT, was founded by the retired US Army Colonel Hugh Straughn and was made up of US Army soldiers and Filipinos who refused to surrender to the Japanese in 1942. Although primarily operating in Rizal Province, the guerrilla outfit also operated in Batangas, including the town of Tuy. In this 1947 document1, one Vicente Atienza of Tuy-FAIT wrote to Colonel Stuart J. Palos of the Guerrilla Affairs Office of the United States Army’s Philippines-Ryukyus Command asking for information about the status of the Tuy-FAIT’s request for recognition. This transcription has been edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation here and there.

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Guerrilla Files
February 28, 1947

Lt. Colonel Stuart J. Palos,
Chief, Claims & Investigations,
Guerrilla Affairs,
PHILRYCOM – A. P. O. 7 0 7

My dear Colonel Palos,

I understand that your office is very busy investigating Guerrilla units pending recognition. However, much as I regret to bother you about our unit – the TUGUIGUI, Tuy, Batangas Unit under the late Col. Straughn, I am compelled to do so in view of a very disturbing information that came to my knowledge to the effect that the said unit is not listed as among those still pending recognition. During the past few months, we have been repeatedly given assurances by our Colonels that our case is still pending and that eventual recognition may be forthcoming.

For your information, I wish to state here that, after the death of our original Colonels – Col. Espina of Batangas, Batangas and Col. Tuguigui of Tuy, Batangas, organizers of the said unit – Maj. Calingasan and Major Apacible, also of this unit, took command and both became self-appointed Colonels; and by invitation of the BLUE EAGLE COMMAND, which was then about to be processed, they attached themselves to the Blue Eagle, including only part of the Tuguigui Unit, and those who did not know about it were left behind – eventually, the Blue Eagle has been processed and with them, our commanders and part of our unit. So that what happened to us was just like the crews of a ship abandoned by its commanders to take command of another ship. Very strange indeed! We were abandoned by the men on whom we depended much to carry on our unit after the execution of Col. Espina and Col. Tuguigui.

Remember, Col., that we joined the organization without any promise of compensation except that we were told that we were to help in the de-

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fense of our democratic principles and that we were under Col. Straughn (we learned later that he was executed by the Japs). We joined the organization knowing that a little mistake would cost us our necks.

Remember also, Colonel, that if we claim now for eventual recognition, it is because we consider our case also entitled to all the benefits accorded other Guerrilla Units. I personally know of some men luckier than us because they have been processed [a] long time ago, and yet some of them have refused to join us – our Engineer Com. when organized in 1942 (Oct. 12) here in Lumbangan, Nasugbu, Batangas, just a few weeks after its organization which originated in Tuy, Batangas. Was it because the Japs were victorious then? But mind you, Colonel Stuart, were Col. Espina and Col. Tuguigui living today, things will be different. Suffice [it] to say, then, that after all we had contributed something to our country and to Mother America.

In closing, I only beg of you, Col. Palos, on my own behalf, my Co. and fellow officers of the 2nd and 3rd Bn. of the referred unit, to kindly inform us the exact fate of our Unit. I am very much obliged and thank you so much Col. Stuart Palos.

Very respectfully,
(Executive Office – Engineer Co.
2nd Bn. of the Tuguigui Unit)
c/o Central Don Pedro
Nasugbu, Batangas.
Notes and references:
1 File Number 110-63, Tuy Unit FAIT, United States National Archives, downloaded from Philippine Veteran Association Office.
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