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Report on the Tanauan Guerrillas by Lt. Bruce Bromley Jr., June 1947

The Tanauan Guerrilla Organization was formed in 1942 right after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor, but remained in active for long periods and concentrated in keeping peace and order in the town of Tanauan, Batangas. By March 1945, it was attached to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army and was active in the ambuscade of Japanese troops. In this 1947 document1, Lt. Bruce Bromley Jr., assigned investigator by the United States Army’s Philippines-Ryukyus Command, reported on the Tanauan Guerrilla Unit and recommended that the request for revision of the recognition date not be considered favorably.

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5 June 1947

1. On 5 June 1947, 2nd Lt Bruce Bromley Jr investigated the unit file and supporting papers of the Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops, to determine whether or not the unit warrants revision of its present recognition dates. The subject unit was recognized by letter, Headquarters AFWESPAC, dated on or about 14 February 1946. The period of recognition extended from 23 March 1945 to 22 May 1945 and the unit was recognized with a strength of 116.

2. HISTORY: (See attached unit file)


a. Several unit members and disinterested individuals were interviewed and their statements are reflected in the findings:

b. In reference to the history submitted as evidence, no comment is necessary. The unit file is self-explanatory. There were no activities alleged before the period of attachment to the 11th Airborne and subsequently the 8th Cavalry.

c. In reference to the field investigation conducted by Lt Campbell, on 18 December 1945, the following is of note: “…From this time until the Americans arrived, they accomplished very little in the war effort, being completely dormant for long periods.”

d. There are no other supporting papers in direct reference to the subject unit in the files of this headquarters.

4. POLITICAL ASPECTS: This unit does not appear to honor any political affiliations nor aspirations.

5. RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended that the Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops, be not favorably considered for revision of present recognition dates.

2nd Lt, Inf

Notes and references:
1 “Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops” File No. 255, downloaded from PVAO.

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