Report on the Tanauan Guerrillas by Lt. George Campbell, December 1945

The Tanauan Guerrilla Organization was formed in 1942 right after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor, but remained in active for long periods and concentrated in keeping peace and order in the town of Tanauan, Batangas. By March 1945, it was attached to the 11th Airborne Division of the United States Army and was active in the ambuscade of Japanese troops. In this 1945 document1, one Lt. George Campbell of the Guerrilla Affairs Branch of the United States Army filed a report on the Tanauan Guerrilla Organization, likely after an investigation in aid of the guerrilla outfit’s request for recognition.

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G-3 Guerrilla Affairs Branch
PA Division

APO 707
18 December 1945

Report on the Tanauan Guerrilla Organization

In compliance with orders from the Chief, Guerrilla Affairs Section, this headquarters, Lt. George A. Campbell and Pfc. Gregoria Rodreguez [likely Rodriguez] of Contact Team “H” investigated the guerrilla unit known as Tanauan Guerrilla Organization with the following results:


The unit was organized shortly after the fall of Bataan under the leadership of Jorge Collantes, who was the chief of police in Tanauan. The main activities of the unit was the preservation of peace and order in the town of Tanauan. From this time until the Americans arrived, they accomplished very little in the war effort, being completely dormant for long periods. In December, 1944, the commanding officer, Collantes, was arrested by the Japs and killed because of the suspicion that he was a guerrilla leader. The unit was then under the command of Martiniano Carandang, until he was killed in action on 16 April 1945. At that time, Alejandro Santos, the present commanding officer, took over the unit. He was a 2nd Lieutenant in [the] USAFFE and is presently stationed in the 3rd MP Bn (PA).

This unit was attached to the 11th Airborne Division from 11 March 1945 to 22 March. They were known as “Ambush Troops” with the mission of ambushing Jap trucks in [the] vicinity of Tanauan. They have no letters to prove this statement.

On 22 March, the unit was attached to the 8th Cavalry and identified as Zebra Troops. Their mission was primarily to furnish reconnaissance patrols. This attachment lasted until 2 May 1945, and the casualties numbered 24 dead and 16 wounded. Lt. Colonel H. L. Conner, Commanding Officer of the 8th Cavalry, gave Lieutenant Santos a letter of commendation for his unit and explained the reason for his delay in reporting the military control. He also wrote letters of sympathy to the parents of the guerrillas who were killed in action.

Lieutenant Santos reported to military control in May, and the unit became inactive. He claims that the total number of men active during the

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attachment was 139. While Lt. Colonel Conner did not mention any number of men in his letter, it is my belief that this number is correct because of the number of casualties sustained, and the type of action in which they participated.

Political Aspects



It is recommended that the 116 men still alive be recognized and paid for the period of 23 March 1945 to 2 May 1945 under the T/O of a rifle company.

2nd Lt CE,
Leader, Contact Team “H”

Notes and references:
1 “Tanauan Guerrillas, Zebra Troops” File No. 255, downloaded from PVAO.
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